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Arcane by Indra067 Arcane :iconindra067:Indra067 9 1 Shara by Indra067 Shara :iconindra067:Indra067 9 1 The Squid Squad by Indra067 The Squid Squad :iconindra067:Indra067 5 0 Alexsandra by Indra067 Alexsandra :iconindra067:Indra067 5 0 Corrupted Aleksandra by Indra067 Corrupted Aleksandra :iconindra067:Indra067 6 0
Hell, Yeah!!
Nyan: Okay,now that everyone got the plan, it's time to split up and make a team. Ammo, Scratch, Electro, Wilson, Cornelius, and Micheal, come with me.
Michael: God, i can't believe we need to go further....
Ammo: It's okay. We are not gonna go that far.
Wilson: Where are we heading to?
Cornelius: To a place filled with Spikeweeds!!
Cornelius: Hahaha....oh my god, that face.......
Flo: Guys, can we get this through with?
Fang: Y-yeah. I c-can't read calmly h-here.
Claudia: She is right. We don't have much time.
Arcane: Like a heartbeat?
Claudia: Sure, i mean-AH! Who are you?
Shara: We are the new recruitment. You are Claudia, right?
Claudia: Darling, what have i told you about leaking info and taking a new kid? It's too dangerous.
Nyan: What? They were the one sneaking up in here.
Claudia: (Killing stare)
Nyan: (Innocent face)
After 7 minutes of argument, they then set out to find and help both Scar and Sea to rescue the heiress. They arrived at Nova's warplane's doc
:iconindra067:Indra067 8 3
New Plan
Zea: Scar, wait! I feet like there is something wrong about this.
Scar: What did you mean?
Zea: Think of this, Scar, there is no one gurading in here. I think he already know that we will come to him.
Scar: You're right Zea. Then, we need a new plan.
The other agent have been set up a plan to help Scar and Zea to save Diana, and they also brought the trainee.
Hope: you sore we can handle this?
Flo: Trust me, your senior is even worser than you are.
Titan: Hey, guys, wait!
Nebula: Titan! Where have you been? We almost left you back there.
Titan: Sorry, i was helping someone on my way here.
Lotus: Fine, then. You got the snack we are ordering for?
Titan: Here. One for each.
Cap. Star: No Ice Cream?
Titan: I think it was right here. May be she stole it?
Cap. Star: She....who?
Titan: Nyah, it's nothing important.
Flo: Okay, what's the plan?
Nyan: As far as i know, he have some short of haunted, so if we take it, we might beat him easily.
Claudia: But, according to the new dat
:iconindra067:Indra067 8 8
Burning Time
Scar: how long will it take for us to get in there?
Sea: Maybe.....4 hours, i guess?
Scar: Okay. You already knows the plan, right?
Sea: Year, sore thing.
Scar: Then, this will go smoothly.
13:13 PM
Titan: I don't know why, but, it feels like time move slowly...
Nebula: With Diana gone, everything feet different.
Titan: i guess your right.
Leo: Hey! What are you two doing down there?
Titan: Shut it! And get your goddamn Irish accent away.
Leo: So, you're standing down there?
Nebula: I guess i need to go up.
Titan: Fine, then....
Lotus: There you are. We have been waiting for you two to come up!
Nebula: What do you cook for today?
Trickster: Flo handle the sugary, Samual with the chocolate, and Electro with the toast.
Titan: Nice.
D-Nade: aw, no dessert?
Cap. Star: but, i thought it was the chocolate?
D-Nade: Surely it won't last long once Today games in.
Lotus: I bet you right.
Meanwhile, On a very, very, very, very, very, ve-(Okay, we get it, narrator. It was a very far place.).
:iconindra067:Indra067 6 1
Yoga Class by Indra067 Yoga Class :iconindra067:Indra067 14 6
Flo, Geno, Fang, Electro, Claudia, Nyan, Ammo, Samual, Wilson, Micheal, Scratch, Alma: (sit idle for nearly 7 hours.)
Geno: Wait, what are we doing in here again?
Act. 1
Flo: Okay, so do I, do I need to...?
Director: No, no, you don't have too.
Electro: Sorry, can I get my script again?
I forgot what I have to say.
Zea: Yeah, me too.
Director: (facepalm.)
Act. 2
Ammo: So, I have to stand here?
Princess: Yes, like that.
Scratch: Sorry, can anybody get me a drink?
Ammo and Princess: It's not the time yet!
Scratch: Sorry....(slides away.)
Act. 3
Cronos: So the-Ah, f*ck, the goop get in my eyes again!
Director: CUT!!
Act. 4
Luna: Ahaha! Oh my God, I can't believe I just did that, sorry.
Director: Can we get serious again now? It's almost breaktime.
Luna: Yeah, yeah, go ahead. Hey! Someone help Nova with his helmet!
Nova: Ugh, this damn helmet doesn't fit my head well.
Act. 5
Trickster: So, I ask where Diana and you answered?
Titan: Dude, you have been asking this for 5 times and you
:iconindra067:Indra067 8 4
Saving Chance
Titan: You found her?
Trickster: no, not even a clue was found...
D-Nade: maybe she is with Zea?
Titan: No way. It was yesterday.
Nebula: Maybe she take a trip to London?
Lotus: I've already ask everyone in there and they don't saw Prince.
Cap. Star: It's Princess.
Lotus: Shut it!
3 days, and they still don't find any sign of her. The entire Republic have been looking everywhere, until....
Scar: (Slam the table.) Damn it! If we can find her, the queen will be mad at us.
Claudia: At least she didn't put you into a lower rank.
Scar: are you even trying to help?
Claudia: I've already told Nyan.
Scar: Eggh...(facepalm)
Claudia: but, the only theory I can get, she could be kidnapped by your nemesis.
Scar: That's right! Damn, why I don't think that far? (Took out his phone) Hello? Zea?
Flo: Sorry, General, but, your contacting the wrong number...
Scar: Oh, sorry....Hello? Zea?
Zea: General! Any command?
Scar: I need your help. You do have a spaceship, didn't you?
Princess: Ugh.
:iconindra067:Indra067 4 2
Someone you loved....
Princess: ugh...wha-?
Princess: Who?! (Turns back).....Dang it.....
Since I have hold over that pendant, I somehow feels,...different. It's already the 6th day and I don't know what exactly happened. One thing for sure, I know that voice, but where I ever heard that?
Zea: Morning, Diana.
Princess: Morning....
Zea: Hey, you don't look as cheerful as usual. Did something happened?
Princess: N-no....
Zea: Or it has something to do with that hallucination?
Princess: No, I mean-wait, how do you know this?
Zea: Fang told me. She said she always took a sneak to your room every night when you were asleep.
Princess:.....(Son of a.....)
I'm also not the only one who have depression. Titan do have the same problem. He lost his entire family and tribe, making him the only survivor. I was hoping that he could find the one thing that you call....
12:00 PM
Trickster: Hey, did anyone see Prince?
Titan: Princess.
Trickster: Whatever.
:iconindra067:Indra067 9 3
The Ending and The Beginning
I have a vision...
A dream....
I see bloodshed, everywhere...
And i see her....
Standing upon us...
06:00 AM
Princess: *from mic* Everyone, wake up! It's time to rise and shine!
Titan: Eggh....really? Like, this morning?
Trickster: You didn't see the new schedule, aren't you?
Titan: Yeah.
D-Nade: C'mon! We don't have much time! The mentor have been waiting for us in the yard!
It was just like everyday. They were all training with the best of all. The TLA were still a part of the Republic, but still they were new to this whole stuff. It's still they're first year of training.
Flo: Okay, everyone! Listen up. Today I can't teach you all because I have an important thing to do. Electro may replace me for today training.
Electro: Hello, everyone! For the next few weeks, I will be your trainer!
Zea: Yeah, until you blow of the entire lab like that day.
Micheal: (Hides his face.)
Time past on quickly. It was 08:00 PM on Sunday. Princess then took one of her mother last memorial thin
:iconindra067:Indra067 9 2
QnA with Aleksandra by Indra067 QnA with Aleksandra :iconindra067:Indra067 1 0 Villains and Heroes by Indra067 Villains and Heroes :iconindra067:Indra067 8 6 Samael remake by Indra067 Samael remake :iconindra067:Indra067 5 0
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