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January 26, 2011
the drowned world by *indojo Suggester says: "Outstanding work! Everything here is impressive - details, the mood. I love this depiction of a world where the natural environment has reclaimed itself from our intrusion. Fantastic!"
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the drowned world

illustration of the novel "The Drowned World" from James G. Balllard. I did it some years ago and i had just a black and white photo left, so i recolored this in photoshop.
the original painting was done with watercolors.

i found an photo of the original watercolour-painting now:…
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LeoDaZodiac's avatar
Holy heck, this looks awesome!
indojo's avatar
Thank you, Leo!
Arlaxle's avatar
It looks really awesome o:
indojo's avatar
danke dir, arlaxle:-)
Arlaxle's avatar
Oh haha gerne :D
Samy-Consu's avatar
woooww it's an impressive job!!! Love the color gives a nice atmosphere
indojo's avatar
thank you very much:-)
Samy-Consu's avatar
Skyblue2005's avatar
Amazing work of art! :-)
indojo's avatar
thank you very much!
Jonilo5's avatar
I love the perspective and the architecture! Well done and congratulations on the Daily Deviaton! :) 
indojo's avatar
thank you very much :-)
indojo's avatar
thank you very much :-)
DouglasHumphries's avatar
Great illustration for one of my favorite books ! :) 
indojo's avatar
thank you. your words are worthwhile, because you know the book :-)
DouglasHumphries's avatar
I loved all his early novels and short stories ---- he's one of the few authors that 
made a transition from the Sci-Fi shelves to Literature . ( though I find his mid and later
work rather uneven )  
 Your illustration certainly capture the feel of that book - which I am still rereading for unique 
surreal atmosphere he imparts to his ' post apocalyptic'  novels. Would love to see a film made of it .  
indojo's avatar
I love this novel. I was looking for scientific novels, which put the focus on
a intensive impression of the landscape, because i am mainly painting
landscape. This was one of the most impressive i could find,
even located on earth. i am not so fond of space operas, i like science fiction
which is related on our known physics and science. i don't like fantasy at all.

this novel puts you right there and you feel the burning sun every page :-)
DouglasHumphries's avatar
Must say - you're really the first fan of any early novel by Ballard that
I've ever talked to . Hard core science fiction fans were never too fond 
of him from what I gathered  - He was certainly out of the mold
of what ever 'normal ' science fiction' was considered .  Suited me fine ! :)
   Also read his 'The Wind From Nowhere' - 'The Burning World '
and 'The Crystal World '  ---- but 'The Drowned World' was always 
my favorite for his descriptions and atmosphere of the changing landscape -- the
people that 'Kerans' interacted with-- His moving southwards into the heat 
 at the end  ---and those large iguanas everywhere  !  :sun: :sun:
 Read a few older post apocalyptic . books that also intrigued me such as -
Greybeard by Brian Aldiss ------>

and ' A Canticle For Leibowitz ' ------>…
indojo's avatar
Thank you very much for your notes. indeed i am a fan of
stories like "A Canticle For Leibowitz" which i red many years
before.  i will look out for "Greybeard" which i don`t know yet.
i also like stories from Allan Dean Foster like Midworld", which
isn`t so subtle like Ballard, but a great storyteller with fine ideas
very inventive with foreign worlds and ecosystems.
actually he put the basic for the Avatar-idea.
DouglasHumphries's avatar
Thanks for the mention of Allen Dean Foster - I will look his work up ! :) 
Okinb's avatar
The power of nature ;(
untuox's avatar
Excelent piece, a real nice painting.
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