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Doraemon Next chapter 1Title: Nobita's FutureThis fanfiction is similar to the fan ending (where Doraemon has broken) but different.That day, Nobita got zero again on the test. The teacher didn't have something to say anymore since it happens continuously.At this time, Nobita tried to study, but he forgot today is Japan's historical test. Ganari (the teacher's name): *sigh* Nobi, usually you still get the score for another test besides math. Other than math, you can get a score, at least 30 points. But, this time you got 0.Nobita: I'm sorry, sensei. Ganari: Well, try again next time.Nobita: Okay...Giant: Heh, are you sure you're studying? I believe you just slept.Suneo: Yup, yup, you will never change.Dekisugi was shocked about what Suneo talked about.Dekisugi: Hey, Suneo-san. Cut it out! Nobi finally tried to study, but, you mock him.Suneo: Well, he won't get 0 if he really studied. Even if he studies, that's also because of Doraemon's gadget.Giant: Yeah, he can't do anything without Doraemon.Dekisugi can't talk back.Shizuka: Did you forget about how Nobita-san gave his best!? I'm proud of him.Suneo: Come on, Shizuka-chan. You're always spoiling her.Shizuka: It's not like that.Nobita: Never mind that, Shizuka-chan. It's really my fault. You're right, Giant, Suneo. I can't do anything without Doraemon. It's impossible for me if I study alone.Dekisugi: Um, we can study together.Nobita: ... *Nobita pick his bag and go home without saying anything*Ganari: Can we talk, Nobi?Nobita: About the test, I'll try next time.Ganari: No, no, I'm worried about your future. If I can say, if you got 0 again... You can repeat the class next year.Nobita: Huh? Do you mean, I'll be failing a grade?Ganari: Well, in the first semester you got a lot of 0 points. All of them are math. You got 100 once, but that didn't help too much.Nobita: ... I'm sorry.In Nobita's house...Tamako: Nobi-chan! Why do you get 0 again? Nobita is confused, his mom usually will put the scary face on. Otherwise, she puts the sad face, which is unusual.Nobita: Mama?Tamako: You know, Nobita... Since this is always happening. I can't scold you continuously. Nobita: Okay...Nobisuke, Nobita's dad, he went home early than usual.Nobisuke: I'm home.Tamako: Welcome home, dear.Nobisuke: What's wrong?Tamako: I'm worried about Nobita. He got 0 on the test again.Nobisuke: Hm... Nobita, let's go somewhere. We can relax for a while.Nobita: I'm not in the mood. *he goes to his room*Nobita: Doraemon! Do you have something that makes me smart in flash?Doraemon didn't respond, Nobita shook Doraemon's body. But, Doraemon collapsed.Nobita: Oh my god, Doraemon! What's wrong? Doraemon? I should call, Dorami. Nobita calls Dorami with Doraemon's computer, which usually Doraemon uses to communicate with Dorami.Nobita: Dorami! Doraemon didn't move, what happened with him?Dorami: Eh, big brother? Can you take him here? Nobita: Okay. *Nobita rushed to Dorami's timeline with a time machine*In Dorami's and Sewashi's resident...Sewashi: Oh, this is...Nobita: How is it, Sewashi?Sewashi: We must change his battery.Nobita: Oh, goodness. I forgot he is a robot.Dorami: But, we're a special robot. Once we change the battery, we'll lose our memories.Nobita: What!? Why do you talk about this now? It happens to you too, right?Dorami: But, it's rarely happened. It only happens if the Robot is too old. But, we're young.Nobita: ... No way... What should I do?Sewashi: I'm sorry. If we didn't change his battery. He will be crushed.Nobita: What? Is there a miracle?Dorami: What do you mean, Nobita?Nobita: ... About he will remember us...Sewashi: I can say, fifty-fifty chances.Nobita: Okay, that means he has a chance to remember.Dorami: Besides that, since this is future time. You can wait for more than years in your timeline.Nobita: ... Don't worry about that. If the scientist can't do that. I'll do that in the future.Sewashi: What? You mean, about Doraemon's memories?Nobita: Yup. Dorami: *want to cry* Thank you, Nobita. To be honest, I want it too.Sewashi: I never thought of it, since you won't be a scientist in the future.Nobita; Future can change, right? It starts from now on! I'll study hard.Dorami: *smile* Um, I can still help you. You don't need to worry about the time machine. We still put it in your desk.Nobita: Okay... I don't know how to talk about this to my friend, my mom, and my dad...Dorami: Yeah... fifty-fifty chances after all.Nobita: Wish me luck, Dorami, and my grandson. I'm sorry, if I torture your future.Sewashi: Well, your kid actually change your future a little bit.Nobita: Oh. Hmm... Can I ask something?Dorami: Yes?Nobita: Where is Shizuka when I married Jaiko?Sewashi: Huh? You won't marry Jaiko anymore.Nobita: Well, I guess. But, before Doraemons came, you said I married Jaiko. I was shocked so I didn't even think about Shizuka.Dorami: We don't know. She didn't come to your wedding.Sewashi: Hm, let's check it out.Dorami: Eh? Are you sure? We have never seen this.Sewashi: That's why. Grandpa likes her, of course, he is curious.Nobita: Not that... I don't want her to live like that with me. Sewashi: Um, you aren't that poor. Since someone named Suneo hired you as his employee.Nobita: What? That Suneo? I can't believe it.Dorami: Ah!Sewashi: Guh, you're surprised me.Dorami: This is after you graduated from high school.Nobita: At that time I can promote to the next grade?Sewashi: If you can pass, you will definitely move up the grade.Dorami: What is it? Wait, Shizuka wants to marry you.Nobita: I guess, this is my future when Doraemon came.Dorami: No, we saw the one before big brother came to your house.Nobita: Eh?Sewashi: She said, I can't leave you like this if I'm not on your side. You will be fine if I'm here with you.Nobita: Shizuka... You are too kind.Dorami: You aren't happy about this.Nobita: ... But, I have a bad feeling after this.Sewashi and Dorami: Huh?Dorami: What the- Why is it snowy?Sewashi: It seems, the time has changed. I think this is a snowy mountain.Nobita: Huh? What happened there? Dorami: ...Sewashi: ...Nobita: ... *cry* Haha, I'm really stupid. I let her-Dorami slapped him.Dorami: Nobita, it's not your fault. Anyone can be sick. Her friend left her. Nobita: But, it's...Sewashi: Relax, it's the future time. Moreover, it won't happen in your good future.Nobita: I know... I'll make it better than this. Even my good future. Dorami: I'm sorry to slap you.Nobita: It's okay, Shizuka's slap is more hurt.Dorami: Huh?After that Nobita went back to his timeline and talk about Doraemon to his parents.Tamako: D-Dora-chan... *wants to cry*Nobisuke: I see, it's sad.Nobita: Don't worry, mama. Dorami can visit us sometimes.Tamako: Even so...Nobisuke: Will you talk about this to your friend, especially Shizuka?Nobita: I need time for that. I'm sorry, mama, papa. I'm a useless kid.Tamako: No, don't say that. I realized you cared about dogs and cats, which case I didn't like them. I notice people can't be the same people.Nobisuke: Yeah, you have something that we didn't have.Nobita: I'm not happy with that. Kind to the cat or dog, it's not something to be praised. I'll study hard from now on.Tamako: *smile* Okay, but don't push yourself.Nobisuke: Make a schedule, Nobita.Nobita: Yes.Next morning...Nobita wakes up...Nobita: Good, it's 7 o'clock. I can wake up early.Tamako: Morning, Nobi-chan.Nobita: *yawn* Morning, mama. Where is papa?Tamako: Papa went to job. He will give his best too.Nobita: I see.Tamako: Nobi-chan, tell Shizuka-chan about Doraemon. Nobita: It's tough, mama. In the school...Nobita: Whoa, too quiet. I never thought I come here early.Dekisugi: Nobi-kun?Nobita: Hey, Hidetoshi.Hidetoshi: Wait, what? You call me Hidetoshi?Nobita: Hm? Why not, we have been in the same school since grade 1.Hidetoshi: Oh, that's true. I'll call you Nobita.Nobita: It's a little bit weird.Hidetoshi: What? You too.Nobita: I mean, you call Shizuka, Giant, and Suneo by their name. But, you call my family name.Hidetoshi: Um... Nobita: Well, whatever.Hidetoshi: By the way, you come early today.Nobita: Yes. I woke up early. I don't want to come late again.Hidetoshi: BUt, this is so early.Nobita: Doesn't matter. So, are we really test today?Hidetoshi: Yes.Nobita: Math?Hidetoshi: Y-yes.Nobita: Phew. I bring all the lesson books now. We've never talked about this too much.Hidetoshi: I thought, you are a quiet person.Nobita: Not really. I'm jealous of you.Hidetoshi: Eh?Nobita: You can do anything. Smart, can do all sport, handsome, you can cook.Hidetoshi: Eh? I'm not that good. I can't do all sport. Only football and baseball.Nobita: But, you can run so fast!Hidetoshi: Um, running is just the basic. Anyone can do that. Nobita: Is there a lesson that you can't be best?Hidetoshi: Hm... Maybe, English.Nobita: Oh. Wait, I thought you have a foreign friend.Hidetoshi: Without a dictionary, I can't write anything in English.Nobita: I see. (I just knew that.)Shizuka: Nobita-san?Nobita: Yo.Shizuka: ... You aren't like Nobita-san I knew.Nobita: What? I come so early is weird?Shizuka: No, but I'm glad.Nobita: ... Shizuka, don't defend me too much.Shizuka: Eh?Nobita: (Shoot, I remember that) I mean, I want to do this without anyone's help.Hidetoshi: What is this?Nobita: Study.Shizuka: Huh? I hope, you're serious this time.Nobita: We can do it together.Shizuka: (why is Nobita so mature now)One hour later...Yoko (English teacher): What is this mean?Nobita: I'm fishing on the pond with my dad.Yoko (surprised): Well done. That's right. I'll give you 100 points.Nobita: Whoa, no need to do that.Yoko: Your pronounce is good. They can't do that, even the smartest one here.Nobita: I just... Read the pronounce one.Yoko: But, it's really good.Giant and Suneo can't say anything about this. But, they're suspicious that Nobita must be used Doraemon's gadget.But, Giant doubted Nobita is using his gadget. Since Nobita didn't take out something suspicious.Yuri: Wow, I never thought you're good at English.Nobita: Um, it's just a coincidence.Yuri: No, there is no way, it's a coincidence.Nobita: Thanks? Usually, you laughed at me when I made a mistake.Yuri: *gulp* Um... Sorry. But, look. I even never got 100.Nobita: You got a score, still better than 0.Haruo: Giant, Nobita really changed.Giant: Hm... I guess so.Hidetoshi: He's good.Shizuka: *can't say anything*Later, in PE class...Giant: Nobita, play soccer with us.Nobita: Hm?Suneo: Giant, you will put him to be a keeper.Nobita: Can I request?Giant: What?Nobita: It's not like I can't do soccer. It's also because you used me to be a keeper. I want to play another position.Giant: Hm... Okay. Try to kick the ball. I'll be the keeper.Nobita: Okay. *kick the ball*Giant: *catch the ball* Okay, good. It's not bad.Nobita: Oh, okay.Suneo: Huh? But, it's a weak shoot, Giant.Giant: What are you saying, Suneo? Have you seen a goal like this?Suneo: That's why.Giant: How naive, a pro soccer did this kick. No matter what, this is a shoot on the target. He aimed my below side. It's a good aim.Suneo: Tell me, Nobita. Did you use Doraemon's gadget?Shizuka: What are-Suneo: But, it's weird. You can answer the question.Hidetoshi: It's not weird to me.Nobita: Whatever, it's up to me. I can do anything to make me smart.Suneo: See! Nobita used something.Giant: ... I don't care.Suneo: Giant?Giant: Nobita, how many scores do you get in the math class after the english lesson?Nobita: Around 45.Giant: Suneo, if Nobita used Doraemon's gadget, He can get 100. But, he just got 45. I got the same score too.Suneo: He doesn't want his secret to reveal.Shizuka: Enough! Are you really a friend? I agree with Takeshi-san. I notice, you are meanie than Takesh-san. He still has a good heart.Giant: Well... I don't believe it at the first time. That's why I test him. Also, Nobita isn't this quiet. Shizuka: You're right.Nobita: Go to the park after school.Suneo: Huh?Nobita: Hidetoshi, you can come too.Hidetoshi: Eh? Okay.After school...Giant: I see, it makes sense.Shizuka: ...Suneo: Sorry, I'm too rude.Nobita: It's okay. I'm used to it.Hidetoshi: I hope, you won't bully him again.Giant: Haha, if he's like that, there is no reason, I'll bully him. I'll bully Suneo, instead.Suneo: Hey!Giant: Just kidding. I won't bully anyone anymore. I notice, I did something bad. I'll return your things.Suneo: You make him change too, Nobita.Nobita: I didn't do anything.Hidetoshi: I'm glad you ask me. To be honest, I want to hang out with you. And Doraemon. But usually, you avoid me.Nobita: Avoid? No, I already told you about that.Hidetoshi: Ah, I see.Shizuka: Come with me, Nobita-san. Nobita: Huh? Okay.Shizuka: I notice, you just call me Shizuka now.Nobita: Um... Is that weird?Shizuka: No... *blush* It's too friendly.Nobita: Pardon?Shizuka: Excuse me. After that...Shizuka: ...Nobita: ...Shizuka: ...Nobita: Um, why are you so Shizuka?Shizuka: Is that a pun!?Nobita: So, what do you want?Shizuka: You are stupid.Nobita: Huh?Shizuka: You should tell me before.Nobita: It happens so suddenly. Shizuka: Yesterday, you can tell us. Why now?Nobita: Um...Shizuka: You can't change alone. I'll help you. Nobita: No-Shizuka: Don't say no need! I'm good at math. I'm better than Dekisugi.Nobita: Hm... wait? You're better at math than him? Usually, you ask something about homework.Shizuka: It's another subject, not math.Nobita: Oh.Shizuka: In exchange... teach me English... *red face*Nobita: Why are you red?Shizuka: I've never asked someone about this.Nobita: Oh, you want to befriend a foreigner.Shizuka: Well, we have a foreign friend before. Do you remember, Nonko? Or could I say, Non-chan?Nobita: Yes, I still have her cooking toys.Shizuka: I wish, we can meet again.Nobita: Yes. I learn something new about you. You are the same as Hidetoshi. Perfect.Shizuka: I'm not. I can't do soccer.Nobita: You are a girl.Shizuka: I'm bad at the violin, right?Nobita: *gulp* That-Shizuka: I knew it since my mom said it's bad. So, that's why she asked me to do the piano lessonsNobita: Um, it's not as bad as Giant's song.Shizuka: *pout* Don't compare my violin play with his song.Nobita: You asked that.Shizuka: I'll ask Yuri to change the seat. We can help each other.Nobita: It's rude to her. Shizuka: She will understand.Nobita: Are you listening?Shizuka: I'm sorry, Nobita-san.Nobita: Huh?Shizuka: I'm a rude girl, right?Nobita: ... What do you mean?Shizuka: Sometimes... We fought, all of them are my fault.Nobita: Those are my fault too.Shizuka: But, I'm too selfish.Nobita: Well, you got many minus points.Shizuka: What point?Nobita: Your lack.Shizuka: I won't be angry, what is it?Nobita: Always taking a bath, sometimes you have fun with Suneo when he asked you to go to his villa, and you have fun without me. *glare at her*Shizuka: ... I'm really sorry. But, take a bath is normal.Nobita: Oh yeah, how many times do you take a bath? I'm just twice for a day.Shizuka: 6. Nobita: No wonder, you are always in the bathroom.Shizuka: I'll reduce the time. I'll do it 5 times.Nobita: It's still too much.Shizuka: *giggle* We've never talked like this before.Nobita: Yes.Shizuka Um... *blush* About sweet potato... Do you think I'm weird if I like it?Nobita: ... No. I mean, anyone could have their favorite food. Shizuka: Can I see Dora-chan? Come to think of it, I didn't know how his timeline looks like?Nobita: There are bigger buildings than now.Shizuka: Wow. What will we be in the future?Nobita: Who knows. It can change. Maybe, you will marry a weird guy.Shizuka: What? I don't want that. Wait, so you know who will be my husband?Nobita: Are you curious?Shizuka: *blush* Not really.Nobita: ... Whatever.Shizuka: ... Stop talking about marriage.Nobita: Didn't you ask about your future?Shizuka: Nobita-san, if that happens to me. I want you to save me.Nobita: It depends. What If I'm married too?Shizuka: Boo!Nobita: You never put that face before.Shizuka: You teased me!Nobita: Shizuka can be loud, huh?Shizuka: Shut up. I'm glad, you won't feel sad at all.Nobita: I'll save Doraemon.Shizuka: Eh? How?Nobita: I'm the one who will make him remember us.Shizuka: What? Didn't you say he still has a chance to remember?Nobita: We have to prepare for the worst later.Shizuka: *sigh* Okay. I'll help you when that time comes. Nobita: ... It can take years.Shizuka: I don't care, We'll marry instead- *close his mouth with her own hand* Forget it.Nobita: Hmm... Well, thanks. To be honest, I want to reset that too.Shizuka: Hm? What is it?Nobita: About love. Shizuka: Eh? You mean, me?Nobita: Huh? Get over yourself. *hold his laugh*Shizuka: You are really an idiot.Nobita: So, if I like you, what will you do?Shizuka: Ehm... Maybe, I like you too.Nobita: Okay. Is it because I changed?Shizuka: You didn't change that much. Only 20%. You are still stupid.Nobita: Yeah, yeah. Shizuka: By the way, you want to be a scientist? Fix Doraemon isn't that easy.Nobita: I know, maybe I'll make the gadget in the future.Shizuka: Huh? I know, it's from the future. But, isn't that cheating?Nobita: I heard, no one knows who made them all. Well, if it's illegal, I'll make something that isn't in the future.Shizuka: Wow, it's cool. Later, in the future time...Shizuka: Oh, so this is Doraemon's timeline.Nobita: Yeah, I can say this is our grandkid's timeline too.Shizuka: Oh yeah...Nobita: That was where Doraemon's real house. Shizuka: Is that where Dora-chan gonna fixed?Nobita: Not here, didn't we meet Dorami here?Dorami: Ah, welcome. wait, Shizuka-chan too.Nobita: She's curious.Sewashi: Oh.Shizuka: Hm? Is he your grandson, Nobita-san?Nobita: Grand grandson.Shizuka: Hmm...Sewashi: Anyway, we just took him to the lab. Doraemon only needs to change the battery. But, it's not that easy. The battery is pretty expensive. They also will examine him, what if there is another problem.Nobita: It makes sense. Shizuka: Dora-chan... Dorami: Shizuka-chan, I can still come to your timeline. Shizuka: Okay.Sewashi: Oh yeah, since you two are here. You can walk around here. You didn't do that before, right grandpa?Nobita: I guess so.Shizuka: Oh, if there is your grandson, he looks like you. Is there someone that looks like me here?Sewashi: Huh? Well, there is. But, the hairstyle is different.Shizuka: Okay.Nobita: (Whenever the time, there is still our reincarnation.)Dorami: Take care of him, Shizuka-chan. Nobita needs help.Shizuka: I know. I'll always be on his side.Dorami: Okay. Nobita-san, good luck with your new future.Nobita: Thanks.Later...Shizuka: The park is so beautiful.Nobita: Flower is pretty.Shizuka: I'm pretty too.Nobita: In your opinion. Shizuka: Ugh. Why do you like teasing me?Nobita: Oh, did I tease you?Shizuka: I feel that way. Hmph, I won't help you to study.Nobita: Hmm... It's fine, I can do it myself. Shizuka: But, what will you do? Can you catch up on the grade? You got zero on the test so many.Nobita: ... I'll ask the teacher to retake the test.Shizuka: What? But, it's so many. You can get sick.Nobita: Shizuka, this is my problem. So, I should do this. Shizuka: ... Okay. But, you need to study. Let's go home, we'll study.Nobita: O-okay.Later, they go back to their timeline and go to the library...Nobita: We're studying here?Shizuka: Yes. Don't fall asleep here.Nobita: Yes, madam. But, don't be so loud here.Shizuka: Huh? We just got here. Now, you must memorize multiplication.Nobita: Huh? From that?Shizuka: Well, you can do it but until 5. Do it until 12.Nobita: I thought, only until 9.Shizuka: Come on.Nobita: So, will you be a teacher? It suits you.Shizuka: Hmm, I guess. If I'm a stewardess, I can't teach you... Okay. I'll be your private teacher. Nobita: You can't do that continuously. What if we're in a different school someday.Shizuka: Ugh. But, we're still in Japan. It's fine. As long as, you didn't move, Nobita-san.Nobita: ... Okay. Shizuka: I'll change my hairstyle.Nobita: Huh? Why?Shizuka: I want to look so mature.Nobita: ... Okay.Shizuka: *check his worksheet* It's wrong. Nobita: Oh.Shizuka: Which hairstyle is good for me?Nobita: You ask me? Shizuka: I'll pick the magazine. So, which one?Nobita: ... Why-Shizuka: You are a boy. Nobita: I don't really know about hairstyle.Shizuka: Just pick one of them, No-bi-ta-kun.Nobita: What was that? Maybe, this one.Shizuka: Hm... You like this kind of girl.Nobita: What? I don't really care about girl's hairstyles. Is your hair long enough? Shizuka: Of course. Do it.Nobita: Do what?Shizuka: Tied my hair.Nobita: Wait, if you can take it off yourself, why me?Shizuka: come on.Nobita: You are a forcing girl. ...Shizuka: What?Nobita: No, you should wear a ribbon. If you want this hairstyle.Shizuka: Oh, good idea.Nobita; Hm... Nothing much different.Shizuka: What do you want from this? Maybe, we can hang out together.Nobita: eh? But, we just studied.Shizuka: Well yes, but we can do it tomorrow. We're going on the date now.Nobita: ... It's so early to us.Shizuka: Geez, it doesn't mean only for a lover. Didn't we always go with just us?Nobita: Not really. But, I still learn multiplication.Shizuka: You answer them correctly now. Nobita: Oh, is that so...Later...Nobita: Shizuka, why do you hug me?Shizuka: I think, you need this. Are you getting tall?Nobita: I guess.Shizuka: Sorry, if it's too long.Nobita: It's okay. I want to do sport well too. I can play soccer if I'm not a goalkeeper, but I'm slow.Shizuka: I see. How about baseball?Nobita: I have no interest in that anymore. I heard, your hand can break by that ball.Shizuka: Uh, if you aren't careful.Giant: Oh, so you two are here.Shizuka: Takeshi-san?Giant: Nobita, you choose soccer rather than baseball?Nobita: Um, I watch the soccer match. Sorry.Giant: Hm... I guess it's enough. I can ask Dekisugi instead.Nobita: Huh?Giant: Good luck.Nobita: Okay.Shizuka: You change him too.Nobita: What? I didn't do anything.Shizuka: Look, he isn't mad at you when you won't be in his baseball team again. Usually, he will force you or scold you.Nobita: That's true. Shizuka: Let's go there Next Sunday.Nobita: Okay.To be continued...
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Halo, salam kenal :) (Smile) 
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Salam kenal semua! :D
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Bike advendture by flygombal    Swamp Fishing by flygombal   Blackberry shrimp by flygombal   

halo salam kenal uwu
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Salam kenal ya  UwU

Suri and Ghosts by HouTakoyaki
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Haii, salam kenal semua. :)
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Halo semua salam kenal 

Hatsune Miku 13th Birthday Anniversary by Bunga-Rin   OC Glitz - Loish DTYS by Bunga-Rin   Puteri Indonesia Jawa Timur by Bunga-Rin  
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