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Indivisible- Akhila by MissEljebel
Indivisible Game ReviewIndivisible's story is beautiful, with a rich tapestry of characters, humor, and much reflecting on humanity. It starts with basic fantasy tropes, but do not be fooled. It is hard not to identify with the protagonist, 16-year-old Ajna. She starts her journey with the nonchalant attitude of any teenager living in a small village. Her father, Indr, is a man with many secrets kept about Ajna's past, including information on her mother. After an argument, he leaves, only to be caught in the sights of an invading army and killed. Ajna makes it her mission to avenge his death, finding out who she really is and her eventual fate.The game is influenced by Indian mythology, from reincarnation and Chakra, to lesser-known mythical creatures of Indian lore, mixed with a dose of modernist fantasy. Outside of Ajna's small village are cities with working electricity and even dance clubs. It is a charming world all around, vibrant in its hand drawn splendor. The game is a battle RPG, somewhat styled like Final Fantasy, only with button prompts that wind up for attacking instead of set turns. I've never been as much a fan of the genre, but the looser fighting system here works to my liking. Sure, it can be a button-mashing fest (especially being able to attack with multiple characters at once), but it is still satisfying.It is also a 2d platformer, with many abilities to unlock to make navigating easier. The puzzles are fun to figure out, but sometimes clunky. One of the game's problems is not always being clear on what the player should do, which sounds antithetical to puzzles, but it is not so much difficulties finding the solutions as it is pulling them off. Some of the abilities feel redundant, too, plus there was some places where backtracking became tiring.Balance is probably Indivisible's biggest issue, as fighting starts fairly difficult, but eventually becomes far too easy. I think making enemies attack more often would mitigate this. Bosses are an exception. It feels like more effort was put into them than anywhere else, as many incorporate puzzle and platforming challenges alongside the usual RPG fare, which is a nice change. I do not even mind the final boss. Sure, it took maybe 40 minutes (and many attempts) to best, but finally doing so was a rich reward. Overall, Indivisible is a game with some balance and platforming issues, all of which are made up for by the story, settings, and rest of the gameplay. Out of 4 stars, it gets 3, though on the story front, it gets 4. Yes, some parts get cheesy, but that ending is incredible. It is well worth playing, and is a game I am sure to revisit soon. I will now go into SPOILERS territory. Ajna's journey is more than finding out who she is part of a goddess. She does not just defend humanity, she defines it. To be human is to fall and get up again, as she demonstrates. Ajna makes many friends along her journey, from the sarcastic sorceress Razmi (who wears a tiger pelt as a headdress), to the morally skewed Kampan, a self-proclaimed Robin Hood type figure, though whether she actually gives to the poor is up to interpretation. More profound is Dhar, the man who killed Ajna's father. He did so under the orders of the dictator Ravannavar. Dhar is one of the saddest figures in recent memory, a man deluded under the rule of someone he considered righteous, finding out all to late that his hero was bankrupt of humanity.Indivisible's ending legitimately made me sad. I wanted so much for Ajna to rejoin her friends, yet I understand why she sacrificed the opportunity. She needed to join with Kala in order to restore balance to the world. I have a feeling the story to Indivisble will stick with players more than any other aspect of the game.
i seriously hope you guys don't do that by rtil
Ajna New Sketchbook Test  by CrowlerJ
Ajno by charlietooga
Ajna by EznoIguess
Indivisible- You Came Back by MissEljebel
Indivisible- Kushi by MissEljebel
Indivisible- Kushi Stamp by MissEljebel
Indivisible- Nuna by MissEljebel
Other Characters
Roti by kiyoukyou
Jingfei by Cold-Mittens
How dare you!! by Ray-kbys
Mary by Cold-Mittens
Watch your step, luksao (Indivisible) by Thaumana
Sketch  by DemiDemonRico09
Indivisible: Beginning Anew by ThePhobosAnomaly
Why is everyone fish by CreativeAkuma
Comic- Who Are You? by MissEljebel
CO: Not so small talk by KimberlyGB
Indivisible OC- Sitora by MissEljebel
Tender Kiss by MissEljebel

Mature Content

Indivisible by Oddmachine
Work in progress of Shower time - Dhar by ShadeNinja
Shower time for DHAR - EN, ITA, ES by ShadeNinja
Razmi's 'Inner Realm' by MayoRaine

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Hello all! Thank you for creating this group to share the incredible artwork that you all have been making. We look forward to sharing more about Indivisible with you, but more importantly, we're excited for your feedback! ^_^
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