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Wallpaper - Rainbow Dash



[ Painting Practice/Doodle ]

Be warned: No more ponies from this point on. So you'll be dissapointed if you expected me to draw them all the time. It was fun to do, though I don't feel it gets me anywhere in terms of learning experience.

Doodled this in a study session, and I liked it so much I finished it in high res. And then I decided to make a nice wallpaper out of it, not that anyone'd use it.

Getting a new system by the end of this month, so expect more art from that point on. I gotta get this thing going.

Wallpaper pack link:

Both 16*9 and 4*3 resolutions, for your viewing pleasure.

Program(s) used: Photoshop CS5.
Time spent: Way too much...more then 3 hours.

Art © Stephan Eggink
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