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Legend of Zelda:Ocean Theme

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Published: October 3, 2004
The LoZ character anthology continues! This is the second installment of four (Mountain and Dungeon themes are after this). There was just way too many characters to cram into one piece. Now I had to cram more characters into this compared to the Forest Theme (I realized I forgot to draw in some characters in the last one, so now I'm cramming them on the others -.-). Oh yeah, for some reason,, the file size of this one was 4 times larger than the Forest Theme >_<

You can actually read this one in two ways: Are they enjoying the Indigo-go concert? Or are they all laughing at Tingle? :XD:

Illustrator CS

All things Legend of Zelda © Nintendo
Artwork by Joyce Factor Tan-Arandez (10.04)

:pointr: Legend of Zelda: Forest Theme
:pointr: Legend of Zelda: Mountain Theme
:pointr: Legend of Zelda: Dungeon Theme

Character List:
- Aryll [WW]
- Beedle [WW] - holding that twice damned coupon
- Dimitri [OoA, OoS]
- Dragon Boat [WW]
- Evan (Indigo-gos keyboards) [MM] - though converted him into a DJ ^_^'
- Fishman [WW]
- Great Faerie - I chose the Windwaker version because I thought she looked cool in that incarnation
- Japas (Indigo-gos bass guitarist) [MM]
- King Zora [aLttP]
- King Zora [OoT]
- Link
- Lulu (Indigo-gos lead singer) [MM]
- Marin [LA]
- Mikau (Indigo-gos guitarist) [MM]
- Nayru [OoA]
- Ruto [OoT]
- Salvatore [WW]
- Tetra [WW]
- Tijo (Indigo-gos drummer) [MM]
- Tingle [Oot, MM, WW, OoA, OoS, FS] - he keeps appearing, doesn't he?
- Tokay [OoA] - made 'em cuter too =^_^=
- Zora Mask [MM]
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OceanDChaseHobbyist General Artist
I always thought it was weird that, in a time where the overwhelming majority of the world was underwater, the Zoras, an aquatic species, would evolve into the Ruto, an avian species, the distance between any two islands in the great sea is enough to make most types of birds tired and crash, but at the rate a zora can swim they could get from place to place in almost no time at all, not to mention have all that ocean to occupy.
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canary1212Student Digital Artist
lol theyre ALL laughing at tingle
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canary1212Student Digital Artist
lol lol
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canary1212Student Digital Artist
lol lol lol
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canary1212Student Digital Artist
lol lol lol lol
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canary1212Student Digital Artist
lol lol lol lol lol
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Sper3Hobbyist General Artist
tingle the dan of legend of zelda
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Sper3Hobbyist General Artist
I thinking of under the sea from little mermaid.
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Kzar5678Student Traditional Artist
THis is awesome sauce. I love how a bunch of watery stuff from all the zeldas are here and not just from one game =D
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totally worth it just to see that fairy guy drowning underwater.
frickin hated him in wind waker.
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nagami-cabasaHobbyist Photographer
tingle, beedle and the battleship guy.
the little details in this are SO awesome, omg ;A; <3
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That dude that you played battleship with... made me laugh so hard.
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"Why is there a Zora jazz/rock band when we're supposed to be in a quasi medieval/nautical fantasy?"
"Because it's cool!"
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i would love a giant poster of this.
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SuzyTheKatHobbyist General Artist
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Ozzith-FoxHobbyist Digital Artist
Wooooooah! Dudes, this is like totally RAD!!!! Rockin' on for life. Keep doin' this shiznit, I'm here for you bro! Embrace it all!!
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How did Tingle get down there?
Saiavinn's avatar
Link didn't have the money, so he changed tactics.
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Zutara4ever4882Student Artisan Crafter
Ruto nyarul
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GreedHyogiStudent Traditional Artist
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NintendoSegaGirl General Artist
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cocomocoaHobbyist Digital Artist
Kill Tingle! Before he Kooloo-Limpah's again!!
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Eri-tchiHobbyist Artist
Haha Tingle drowning!! XD
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Yay!!! AWESOME!!! I <3 it!
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