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Tagg has evolved into... Tagg

At long last Tagg's wig is done and after a horrible first try at his face I managed to give him a face I was much more happy with today. It's tricky finding a good colour scheme for light tan, I'm telling you! The usual colours I used wasn't working so I had to rethink everything xD

Name: Tagg
Sculpt: Resinsoul Song
Photo, clothes, jewelry, wig, owner, etcetera and so on: Me
Eyes from eyeco
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Canon EOS 50D
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1/200 second
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50 mm
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May 25, 2014, 3:54:12 PM
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BeanSproutMomo's avatar
Absolutely love his wig! Fabulous job. ♥
indigoparaflax's avatar
Thank you! :D It took me a couple of days to make the dreads and then to sew them on, so I'm glad it's appreciated xD
BeanSproutMomo's avatar
You are very welcome!
Oh yeah, wig making can be very tedious. You did a fantastic job though, and I love those colors!
lajvio's avatar
Hi dear! I just want to let you know that your picture are gorgeous and amazing and that I just had to feature it in my journal… Hope you don't mind :tighthug:
indigoparaflax's avatar
Gosh, you're the best! ;____; <3
lajvio's avatar
Just honest :)
Robyen's avatar
what a gorgous wig and the face up is very wel done :)
indigoparaflax's avatar
Thank you! :D It took me a couple of days to make the wig, so I'm glad it's appreciated xD
Robyen's avatar
Your welcome. I am finally going to try make mohair wig. Hopefully it looks good.
J-e-n-K-a-t's avatar
Wow, he's one of the most gorgeous Songs I've seen <3 Great job, he's gorgeous!
indigoparaflax's avatar
Oh my, that's some great compliments OuO Thank you so much <3
Truish's avatar
He looks great. I think you did a good job with your color scheme, and I love those eyes. I need some new eyes for my dolls, and I'm going to have to look at eyeco now. I had just been thinking about Mako eyes before...So thanks, lol! :D
indigoparaflax's avatar
Haha! Thank you so much :D I love the coffee colour from Resinsoul. It's so soft and smooth looking :3
And I had completely forgotten about Mako eyes, so thank you! I'll go have a look there ;D
MatrixFairy's avatar
indigoparaflax's avatar
The coolest I have ;D
Kuzle51's avatar
The wig is beautiful and doll of course too, you're really skillful! I love Song he's amazing sculp ♥
indigoparaflax's avatar
Thank you! I really love all the beauty that Resinsoul's sculpts is hiding away, and then you get one home, give them a new face and a pair of corrected eyes, and voila! Beauty :D
lajvio's avatar
Så glad jag kan favva dessa nu!! Underbar han är <3 <3 <3
indigoparaflax's avatar
Haha! Min lilla wannabe hippie :'3 <3
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