Turn off the light

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Look at me. I’m serious, look at me. What do you see? I walk with a limp, you call me a cripple. I wear black, you call me gothic. My hair is shorter than most, you call me a dike. I never smile for you; I must be pissed at something. I wear makeup; underneath it I must be ugly.
Now turn off the light. Right now, turn it off. What do you see? Nothing? Good. Now talk to me, treat me like a person. I’m not who I appear to be, I’m not bound by this appearance that I didn’t choose.  I’m only a human, only a soul reaching out to you to listen… just listen.
In the daylight, we are all judged, judged by skin color, sex, how we look, dress and so on and so forth. We all do it; you see a fat chick drinking a Diet Pepsi and you assume that she is on a diet, or you see a guy wearing pink and oh, he must be gay. The blond girl is ditsy, and the guy with glasses is a nerd. My boyfriend is reclusive with shoulder length hair, he wears black t-shirts and to you, he is another Columbine incident waiting to happen.
I wish that one day, the light would just…stop. In the dark we are all the same, nobody is fat, or skinny, or creepy looking, or even beautiful in the middle of the night. We are all just trying to live in this world together, with minds and thoughts of our own, and hey, we might surprise each other. I bet you didn’t know that I listen to Enya, or that my favorite sport is tennis. Did you even try to find out that I am a poet, that I am a Humanist, that I want to be a musician, or did you just assume by my looks that I’m a hard ass who will most likely end up becoming a felon?
Whoever you are, I would like to know about you. Really, I care. And let me give you just a peace of advice, that when we meet and I turn off the light, it would be wise for you to do the same.  
So just, flip the switch, and see me through the dark, as I shall do the same for you.
How to end prejudice.
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NotenSMSKHobbyist Writer
This is an old work - one I am happy to have found. It is straightforward, yet very symbolically presented - the turning off the lights really does make one wonder - a world without light, where you talked to people beyond how they looked. Where you didn't choose who to talk to based on how they look, but based who you want to talk to, based on what they talk about. A very well written work. I am kind of scared of the dark however :|
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EssecoHobbyist Writer
Ah, but then you run into the ever persistant problem of people who stay quiet in the dark.

This works well for those who are self confident, but I fear for those who hide, knowing nothing is expected of them if no one knows they're there.
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I think we all yearn for the darkness...
endless dark.
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Yeah, but most like to bring a flashlight, bloody cowards...
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this is very kl, just the stuff id love to write if i had the time...
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Very beautiful, like it.
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Thank you.
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DrowningByWordsProfessional Writer
very passionate
beautiful and angry full of energy and emotion
gr8 work
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Thank you, I just want all of those judgemental pricks to try and see things from a different perspective. Thats all I ever wanted, thanks for the feedback.
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DrowningByWordsProfessional Writer
ya I agree :hug:
gr8 work
keep it up
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its not ranting its the trueth
I like
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So, anyways, just another one of my rantings, feel free to leave a coment...Peace!!! Channing
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