Sadistic Lullaby

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Hush little baby, say not a word
There never was a mockingbird
Roses are red until they die
Oh, soon enough like you and I

Hush my child, 'twill be alright
That is, if you survive the night

Twinkle, Twinkle little star
Sky so black, the moon so far
Mary had a little lamb,
And the fleece was black as coal
When you fall asleep tonight,
Then the world will steal your soul

Hush my child, 'twill be alright
That is, if you survive the night

Rockaby babe, in the tree  tops
When the wind blows, life then stops
When the bough breaks the cradle will fall
And dead will be baby, smile and all

Hush my child, 'twill be alright
That is, if you survive the night
I made some changes to make it flow better, but it is still the same idea. I am allowing one of my fans to use it in one of their stories, and I will inform ya when she completes it.
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squatch-da-bullratHobbyist General Artist
This is amazing! I think it would make an awesome goth metal song, like something Type O Negative would do or something. Excellent work!
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MichelesthirdHobbyist General Artist
this is damn good
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This is awesome. I love the clever way you used lines from old nursery rhymes and lullabies, but in a way that was fresh and creative.
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XamnesHobbyist Writer
OMFG yes I love this haha that's just awesome 
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dokuganryu15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i loved it
psycoblackwidow's avatar
psycoblackwidowHobbyist Writer
lol i love it so gonna sing it to my kids. these sorta lullabys made my childhood
NomNomSkittles's avatar
NomNomSkittlesHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this! You are a brilliant poet.
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it's interesting

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Ludwig-LoverHobbyist Photographer
I might actually sing this to my kid if I ever have one. :XD:
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Hey guys, didn't realise how many people liked this poem... WOW!!! Please check out my newer submissions, I wrote this when I was a Junior in high school and just put up some new songs. THANKS!!!
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DarkGuardian359Hobbyist Writer
Love it! Favourite!
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KontelArtistHobbyist General Artist
I love it :)
harpyeagle45's avatar
Grim. Hahaha Its not bad though. :)
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HalfMadCharacterStudent General Artist
Wow. :o That... was... awesome. I like it when something I'm familiar with is twisted into an unrecognizable ball of creepy sadisticness (is that a word?). It makes me so happy. Somehow.
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GodzillaKruegerHobbyist Writer
I love this. So morbid.
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VeloxsicaHobbyist General Artist
Very chilling! :)
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MeBeViolinHobbyist Writer
I sang this at the talent show, and the judges just stared at my while I laughed. XD
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kewlkat1472Student General Artist
XD this ish amazing!!!! Better than the original :)
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I love this good job
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zsazsa555Hobbyist Writer
That is disturbingly awesome.
dancingsnowangels's avatar
This perfectly matches the music box in my room, now that's strange
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SeerosekannibaleHobbyist Traditional Artist
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