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wounded god
a wounded god roams the breadth of the nation
with flecks of foam on its lips
bleeding the ocean black with hissing tar
howling with the hungry wind,
“whose fault
whose fault”
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solitary confinement
there’s a terror with its claws so deep in my heart
that they only hurt when it shifts or squirms in my chest
i always forget the way that kisses
pour thickly down my throat like too much honey
and smother me
i always forget how the moon only ever speaks to me
in the cold and in the dark
when it’s sure no one else is there to hear
:iconindigo-mouse:indigo-mouse 5 4
where are you?
you live in my sense of loss
in my sense of time
in my sense of smell
you live in the gaps too big for sea water and cigarette smoke to fill
you live in the gaps
between my fingers
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central square, 7:13 am, july 10 2015
The immediate view out of the window is of a rumpled, lumpy, grimy brick sidewalk populated with cigarette butts and tiny hopping hopeful sparrows. Off to the left is the entrance to the subway dipping down into the earth, its metal railings soot-stained and the red-and-white sign reading “CENTRAL/OUTBOUND/TO ALEWIFE” rusted at the edges and corners. There’s the street: Mass Ave, more of a living pulsing artery than a motorway, thick and spacious to accommodate the impatience of darting little red Priuses and belching public buses and trundling green compost trucks. There are plenty of potholes for last night’s rain to have collected in, and the superfluous white and yellow painted indications of lanes and crosswalks have realized no one is paying them any attention at all and unanimously decided to quietly, courteously crumble and fade. The other side of the street is more brick, with a few smallish, scrappy trees in their planters and periodic benches and cyli
:iconindigo-mouse:indigo-mouse 2 0
i cant discard those sunsoaked flower petal days
the fragrance of the warmed rough sidewalk
and the air slipping past as soft as forgetting
honeysuckle bloom yields a small kiss of nectar
one that rolls and sings across the tongue in f major
and you would yield small kisses
and i would yield also
:iconindigo-mouse:indigo-mouse 60 18
how i want you
loneliness is a matter of erosion.
of sawdust on the wooden floor
and spiders in the wooden corners
of the creaking cracking wooden house
full of relentless prairie wind.
i would open my ribs and unseat my lungs
and create a cavity in just your shape
if i knew how.
:iconindigo-mouse:indigo-mouse 19 6
lately i’ve been poisoning myself
in succinct doses of carbon and tar.
it’s best against a backdrop of a deep immovable night
with your back to the orange lights and the glowing parking lots.
the inhales go down rough and hot like the drag of dragon scales;
the exhales gust out ashen and silent.
i can’t yet feel the seed of death in my lungs
but i can feel my life in my throat
in my mouth
in the air
blue-grey twists and branches
floating then dissolving.
:iconindigo-mouse:indigo-mouse 8 1
some things,
cold makes every moment
clearer and sharper
sometimes there is ache
without cause
sex and love
wear us thin
like old fabric
all pain sings
and overflows with pure harmonies.
:iconindigo-mouse:indigo-mouse 7 1
Mature content
south carolina :iconindigo-mouse:indigo-mouse 5 0
age is a thick keratin shell
cloudy and brown and dull
that you'll never shed.
watch from within.
:iconindigo-mouse:indigo-mouse 2 0
l.a. l.a.
develop a taste for black coffee.
smoke a cigarette under the weight of a sun
that's trying to beat the city flat,
back into scrub brush desert.
put the fact that you were once a child behind you,
as if it is something other than true.
drive too fast at night with all the windows down.
fuck an employee in your office,
fuck a stranger on the sidewalk,
fuck a palm tree,
but betray a lover in your own bed.
the sheets smell like cigarette stains,
and the risen sun is throbbing behind the venetian blinds.
:iconindigo-mouse:indigo-mouse 14 2
trial and error
failure has never been far from my fingertips,
or my shoulder blades.
like fraying grey twine on a forgotten shelf,
or a deteriorating feather on the sandy beach,
or a soggy takeout container on a dirty sidewalk,
this is where i build my houses,
these are my foundation.
my smile is a crack in a tea cup,
my frown is the crumbling of another tenuous shelter,
my doors and windows never shut all the way,
but hang half open on their broken hinges.
dizzying, reprehensible freedom
from the tyranny of completion.
:iconindigo-mouse:indigo-mouse 6 2
october 1
hangnail moon silence
milky indigo sky skin
glass ice air emptiness
this is catching
this is fading
:iconindigo-mouse:indigo-mouse 11 4
perry street
i can remember the name but not the number
of a big modern house
where i spent boundless afternoons
with her dolls and her corn chips
and her bony child’s body
and her silky child’s hair.
i can remember the name
but not the number
of this ancient sunlit dusty happiness
and that alone is a gap in me
so wide
so painfully wide
and yawning
:iconindigo-mouse:indigo-mouse 18 3
i cannot explain it myself
my seashell heart
will have soft words
ringing through its chambers
for years to come.
nothing is forgotten.
:iconindigo-mouse:indigo-mouse 7 2
new friend
i made a new friend today
who walked behind me
underneath the shifting anxiety
of grey clouds
that had been spread onto the sky
with a butter knife.
i carried my groceries in my arms
like muddy stone tablets
from the ruins of babylon
while he kicked a sharp slate stone along,
sent it skittering over pavement
and told me,
"there is an ugly thing that has been hidden from you
for years now;
find it in the silent words
on the lips
in the family photo album."
his stone kept biting into my heels,
and in its edges i could feel that he was a skinny thing,
a translucent blond
with a child's scowl
and a ragged blue t-shirt.
we turned the corner onto my street
and suddenly i knew
that it was his street, too;
that any neutral ground
that had once been preserved
had now been seized;
that all of the lies and all of the loneliness
had stretched their long fingers into my home,
my bed,
my bath,
my mirrors,
my silverware drawer.
things were taking root that day
under that unwilling sky.
weeds that i w
:iconindigo-mouse:indigo-mouse 12 3



a wounded god roams the breadth of the nation
with flecks of foam on its lips
bleeding the ocean black with hissing tar
howling with the hungry wind,
“whose fault
whose fault”
wounded god
hello? anyone still here?

i'm not planning to get too very active on here again, but i was remembering how i had something of a nice little community here and wanted to share something i wrote with you all, and ask how you are, if you're still around to say hi <3


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i sometimes write a thing and wow i am so much happier than i used to be
if you've wondered about all of the song lyrics i've posted over the years, then boy, is this the tumblr for you.


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