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Corpus Limbo [Nebula Swirl]

Dust sat thick along the shelves of this long forgotten wing of the Canterlot Archives. Each dark unlit aisle lined with ancient tomes and forbidden grimoires that, likely, not even the Princess of Friendship has gotten a chance to bury her muzzle into. Only the sounds of my hooves and the tinkle of one of Starswirl's bells around my neck resonated into the leery darkness. And even those sounds were muffled by the seemingly endless array of texts.

Its been three nights since I began sneaking into these Archives and wandering the stacks by hornlight searching for it. I know it to be here! That grand tome on Limbo sparse few other texts in this Celestia forsaken archive cautiously allude to—nay, they sibilate in passing reference to it! At its mystical properties, at the danger of wielding it, and, most of all, at its lack of existence. 

Finally, perhaps just after the moon was set to rest, I came across the book. I’m not sure what tugged my eyes to it initially. There was no aura, no mystical light, to draw my attention to this unassuming volume amongst hundreds of thousands. But when I pulled it from the shelf and inspected it, I was sure it was what I was looking for, for it bore my cutie mark upon its decrepit spine.

Upon opening it, my senses were sent reeling! Too much dust. But also many of the pages were blank! But the few dozen pages lined with carefully inked content held what I was searching for: A way to finally disappear into actual obscurity . . .

Espenaes Duskull
"Dear Diary,

Elise has disappeared again. Mother and Father are worried. Elise has ever been the scaredy Skitty. She went on and on about our new home being haunted. I told her that maybe it was a Duskull which loved to hear her cry and would steal her spirit away to the world of spirits; that made her cry and run to our room. When I came upstairs she wasn't there."

"Dear Diary,

It has been three days. Father has been searching day and night with some of the other adults of Lilycove. Mother searches too, but she's always crying, especially after they found Elise's shoe. It's too bad, those were a nice pair of shoes. I would hate to lose mine. P.S. I looked at Mother's Pokedex this morning. It says nothing about Duskull stealing spirits. But its evolution does. Who knows."

"Dear Diary,

It has been over a week, and the adults have given up the search for Elise. Mother fears the worst. She never leaves her room anymore. Father has taken to drinking again. When Mother and Father are together they fight. However, there is good news diary. When I woke up this morning, there was a Duskull in the room. I think it likes me. I think I'll secretly keep it. I also found Elise's other shoe. I don't think they fit me though, so I gave it to Mother and said I found it while I was out playing."

-From the Diaries of Espenæs
Sailor Peppermint
"In the name of the [Peppermint?], I'll punish you!" Sailor Peppermint transformation! After making Super Gumball Man (or rather coloring, I originally came up with his concept a long time ago) I thought it would be kinda fun and funny to make a Sailor Moon parody in a similar style. I attempted to use softer digital brushes this time which seems to have worked . . . I think?
Super Gumball Man
Super Gumball Man taking a short break of JUSTICING in the Land of Lemon Tart!

Gray-scale to color--harder than I thought. Colors are kind of blinding, like JUSTICE!


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My OC, Jungle Heart, and I really appreciate it. Hehe.
MLP Vector - MLP OC - Jungle Heart - 1 by OptimusV42  
:) (Smile) 
IndigentSquirrel Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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OptimusV42 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
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