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The Position:
IRONARM Games is searching for a talented Illustrator and conceptual artist to bring our vision to life in fun and challenging ways, including: Conceptual Designs, Illustrations, Designs, Sketches and more.
Designated Tasks:
Develop and present concepts to the creative lead. Communicate ideas through images to collaborate on projects for creating concept images from multiple viewpoints that are accurate and clear to understand. Conveying a visual representation of a design, idea, and/or mood for use in the game. Making objects or characters appear lifelike by manipulating light, color, texture, shadow, and transparency, or manipulating static images to give the illusion of motion. Generating visual references for objects such as environments, interiors, exteriors or inventing visuals for characters or creatures that do not exist, utilizing Photoshop and other 2D programs / content creation tools as needed. Creating two-dimensional images depicting objects in motion.
  • 3+ Years professional experience in Digital Art specifically creating environment illustrations and conceptual designs
  • Proven Concept/Illustration samples
  • Creating original custom works
  • Ability to create high fidelity pieces
  • Creating concept art and final assets
  • Digitally painting characters, props and environments
  • Reviewing artwork and providing references
  • Knowledge of 2D lighting techniques
  • Strong foundation in the traditional arts, including but not limited to figure drawing, landscape painting, and illustration
  • Knowledge of humanoid and fantasy creature anatomy
  • Desire and passion for the games industry
  • A hard working ethical person willing to go above and beyond to ensure quality and satisfaction in their works
Online Requirements:
  • Discord for general communication, art reviews and meetings
Static References:
(Diablo 3 Designs)
Below is some info about the project and what were looking for in an artist. Please reach out ASAP as were looking to close this position soon.

## Job Description

> **IRONARM Games** is seeking a talented artist to join the team for a long term project. The project is a Fantasy RPG in a Top Down 2D Isometric view, think Diablo 1-2. The game has a serious and dark tone geared towards adults (i.e: Characters getting their arms ripped off and flesh torn from their body by goliath beasts). More details will be given to the selected candidate upon hiring.

## Job Requirements

* 3+ Years professional experience in Digital Art
* Proven art samples (preferably related to job description)
* Proficient English Read/Write/Speech
* Discord (Software) Communication
* PST-EST Timezone: Ability to comply with these timezones for deliverables/art review


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