Bill Gates: Billionare with a Heart?
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Bill Gates, the man behind Microsoft and Windows, isn't exactly a popular public figure. Microsoft is often reffered to as M$, and shows like the Simpsons have typecast him as a greedy little nerd. Microsoft has been accused of monopolizing the PC market, gouging consumers, creating inferior software, and opressing upstarts who would try and make their own operating system. And Bill Gates is the man who represents Microsoft, almost to the point where he's been reduced to a demonic, iconic characiture of himself.

But is there any truth to that?

In January 2000, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was born. "The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is building upon the unprecedented opportunities of the 21st century to improve equity in global health and learning—because the life and potential of a child born in one place is as valuable as that in another."

The foundation is dedicated to ending educational inequalities, increasing public availability to information, as well as supporting a number of non-profit organizations and charities.

Just recently, the foundation announced it would spend 200 million dollars to fight AIDS, including a 21 million dollar grant to a manitoba university for research into AIDS/HIV prevention. The foundation has spent more than 6.2 billion dollars on Global health and Education programs, and has an endowment of 26 billion dollars from the personal generosity of Bill and Melinda Gates.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
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to all those who have a grudge against the man, get over it. just because he owns the company doesn't mean he has the final say over what happens in it.
and ok the man does earn something like US$520 a second, and the money he donates might not me very much compared to his total income, but i would like to see just one of you match his donation, so until you can do that, or creat a better os, stop complaining for the sake of complaining
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im glad that he donates to charity, i think its great. but that doesnt necessarily make him a wonderful person. he still is taking advantage of the consumers here by charging through the nose for everything. and not only that, if he was THAT generous, im sure he could find a lot more to donate to charity. i know people who give 25% of their check every week to people who are less fortunate. i dunno i guess im just miffed because i cant afford xp or office.
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ya know, this makes me feel good :D It's nice to know that Bill was saving up for this. It's a nice way to spend his cash. Well done Gates.

It would be super great to hear from Gates right on this exact News topic :)
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WOW, I feel like a jack ass, for falling into the beliefe of what TV has shown and what pthers have said...I forget who said this, but "prejudice is the child of ignorance." and I feel it applies to this perfectly.
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What I'D like to see is Bill Gates spending more time in Africa actually personally meeting the people he donates to. I think that shows much more kindness than only donating money. I know the money will help a lot, but dedicating time (which can't be measured in $$$$) would be really great. His donations always made me feel a little like a tyrant king throwing a coin to a peasant in the street, because what Microsoft does here in the western world doesn't really give him the image of a nice, charitable man...

I am very glad that Africa is getting aid though, because in the end, THAT is what is important--Needy people are getting help. Why are you people fighting over the merits of Microsoft, and forgetting about the millions of people this money will benefit?
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caesaraugustusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Gates does go to Africa, but doesnt meet AIDS patients. He did meet the malaria patients though.

I think that was back in October?
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ABnstuff Digital Artist
ya, but we can still make fun of his wang for being named "micro" & "soft" :rofl: :laughing: :rofl:
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Oh, Billy gives a buck! :lol:
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good speaker, and it looks like he is a good man :nod:
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Maybe Bill is a good man but he isn't proficient in making operating systems.:)
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lol. thats funny. i agree.
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I will probably say some things that were already said, but let me summarize and give my opinion.
There are + and - points to Bill Gates.

Yes, it's true that Bill Gates earns so much money. It's true that he has to pay TONS of taxes. The more you earn, the more you relatively have to pay to the government. Donating large amounts of money to charity is one way to decrease his taxes. If he doesn't, he will have to pay even more money in taxes.

On the other hand, he might as wel invest his money in other things to avoid these taxes. In his local golfclub perhaps? Or a new company? Or...?
But no, he donates money to charity, so there certainly is something good in the man's heart.

Concerning the incredible criticism towards MS's business activities I'll try to put it simple. It's BUSINESS. MS is a company and any company not wanting to end up dead has to strive for a few things.
One of those things is trying to attain PROFIT MAXIMALISATION (sorry if I don't know the English versions of my economical vocabulary, but I think you know what I mean.).
Another one of those things is to get the highest MARKET SHARE.
Now, tell me, what has MS done that any other corporation wouldn't do? Exactly, NOTHING.

So, basically, Bill Gates was just a computer nerd with a talent for business. This allowed him to start off with almost nothing, climb up the ladder and become one of the world's richest people. Talking about a selfmade man!! :D

I think I would have liked to have his talents myself and honestly, who wouldn't? :lmao:

One last remark: why is everyone still complaining about Windows? Win 2000 is great! Almost never crashes! I'm using Windows XP and almost never had any trouble whatsoever. One of my friends is often busy with programming and a few years ago he bought Linux suse because he wanted more stability from his OS. Since he installed Windows XP however, he didn't use his Linux anymore and since he bought a new PC he didn't even install Linux on his HD anymore!!

Just my opinion. :)

I rest my case :D.
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bill gates is a very impressive man. even if i dont agree with all his buisness tactics, i still respect what he has done and where he has come from. i find it amazing that he started all this from his basement. *sigh* i really have to wonder about the people that say he is such an aweful person.
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uhre Photographer
His business tactics have been quite successful - he has simply done what anyone would have done; think of the best way to increase the turnover.

His tactics are no different than any other business empire, just look at e.g. the breweries - the biggest companies are destroying the smaller companies.

It is a cruel world, but we all think of the best way to survive.
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ya i fully agree with you. i mean i am sure many of us would take similiar paths to his if we were in his situation.
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uhre Photographer
yes indeed.
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i cant beleive how much people bitch about gates. yeah he has lots of money, yeah his corp might have done some bad stuff here and there, but name a corp that doesnt? corps arnt meant to play nice, its survival of the fittest! and anyways i'm guessing that 90% of people on DA use a ms os or at least office. i think the fact that its in use still means something! office at least is a great suite and there is a reason why it has market dominance.

as for gates giving away money etc, its a good idea. he gets lots, he should give lots.

just my 2cents...
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I always liked this guy. Good at giving speeches :)
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Oblitter Interface Designer
I say, as my personal opinion, that he did it to look good, probably because he is fed up of looking round websites and finding a characature of himself plastered all over them
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Maybe he is just a geek who only wants to write code, doesn't care about his hair and he was too much money that could be spent. He is not PR'ing his charity activities in all the newsagencies or talk shows. He is not making big rock concerts to "help gather" the money. He is just giving them to those who need it. Unline "Sun" boss who is collecting Russian jet-fighters and ocean yachts. Middle age crisis anyone? ;)
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This is quite nice. So many people that seem "nicer" than Bill Gates and with a lot of money don't do a single thing to help others. A few billions may not be much to him but it certainly will help many people :floating:
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oo stupid comment of mine, of course he has like billions... duh i'm stupid... lol oh well... i ment like 90 billion or w/e
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isnt bill gates one of the richest pplz in da world? like billions of dollars? ...i think so at least... read it in the schoolastic w/e book of record... so why not give a few billion? it's not that much to him... oh well... it's still a great sum o' money and it's a good cause so i wont critisize him that much
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