January 2016: Cthuloids And Comic Chaos.

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Two self-publishing artists, that I personally admire the heck out of, will be in the first newsletter of January of 2016. Barry Linck is based outside of Pittsburgh, PA and has been releasing his original title, Phineus, for 10 years. He's created comics, TBD's, an RPG and a series of sketch cards around it. Linck's level of dedication is frickin' remarkable.

If you love HP Lovecraft, Ralph Bakshi and Sergio Aragones then you definitely don't want to miss out on Phineus.

The second artist will be Jeremy Nichols. Nichols is an artist and writer in my part of the USA: Indiana. He just successfully funded a four-part comic on Kickstarter that looks incredible.

See you in 2016, people.
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