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Deviation Spotlight

Deviation Spotlight

Deviation Spotlight

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A friendly group of international artists accepting members who create, illustrate and market their own titles. Titles can be webcomics, self-published print editions, graphic novels or comics.

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    1. Original work only. No fan art. No copies. No AI.

    2. No under finished work. This also applies to sketches.

    3. No disrespect in comments or crits.

    4. No 3D or explicit sexual work.

    Any violation of these basic rules can and will result in immediate member termination and/or associated account(s) being reported to Deviant Art.

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    hi my sis (bluenique) and i have a comic at webtoon. we just started with webtoon so noone knows that we actualy both had done comics for a while. maybe you like to have a look at it. and say what you think…
    Oceans Tale full pic by Jelenas2   
    If you like human x anthro love stories I got the one for you:
    One Moment In Time by Aimka-storyteller
    With new pages every Mondays and Thursdays
    Hello there, nice to meet you! We're a multiverse comic taking place in different ages and scenarios with a common denominator: the two main characters. Even typical stories like merman and pirate meeting could've a different development. Currently publishing Teal Sail: piracy in Guangdong, 1781, and Yellow Wars: mafias in San Francisco, 1925.

    Take a look here!…

    Thank you! Hope you like!
    Emerald Fire | SAINT GEORGE 21 by Guzbourine
    Not sure of they qualify to be in this group?! Both created using MS-Paint(WinXP version). Based on an African fantasy series I'm working on. Lots of African Mythology in it.
    THE HUNT Cover Draft 02 by KhotsoDube 
    Inkanyamba by KhotsoDube
    It's Comic book/Graphic Novel Cover Art and an animated short to promote the book.
    hello people, i want ask, im with my team of friends gonna create huge plans about our own comic universe and  is there any possibility to took people attention, or any help from anyone who know how need get people attention ?
    Thanks for adding me to group!
    Thank you for the accepting me. I will have my work submitted to this group soon.