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This is my original MLP oc.
The order of pictures is not the order of time in her life. 

1. Nightmare Blitz: she is the evil version of Indigo Blitz (a little like Nightmare moon). When Indigo turned into her, the horn she got rid of grew right back and cause a lot of bleeding, though that isn't the case for having a horn like Sombra. Nightmare Blitz is well... let's just say her theme song is "all eyes on me" by Or30. 

2.Indigo Blitz: this is the real Indigo, the normal one, (she's on a day off)

3. Night Guard Blitz: Indigo's job; Luna's guard while she goes into that state when she is in the dream realm.

4. Foal: this is Indigo about a year after she was born.

5. rid of the curse: Indigo was born an Alicorn (as seen in n.4), But every time she went to school she was bullied for having a horn and wings so after about a few years (she's 4 in this pic) she grabbed a rock and hit the horn right off her skull; though it wasn't as clean, the horn splintered causing more blood and pain to come but after the bleeding stopped she asked her mother (Diamond sky (a unicorn)) to use a file to smooth it off to make her look like a normal pegasus. After that she was classified as a Pegasus, she never told another soul about it so eventually it was forgotten.

6. Storm blitz: during the season before the movie, she was sent out for a mission to the crystal Empire but was caught up by the smoke of the machines and was taken prisoner, a little while later she became a solider then eventually Captain. this Indigo is w=very unsure of everything, she's a lot like Tamaki (from bnha)

7. with the devil: she is being tempted by the nightmare that turned Princess Luna into Nightmare Moon

8. Genderswap. Indigo Blitz, but she's a guy.

9. Cutiemark: this is when her cutiemark manifests. She is preforming the stunt called 'The Phoenix', the stunt is when the pegasus is literally caught on fire by the speed they are going (it also helps if the environment is hot and dry) so when they are flying, on the groung view it looks like a phoenix. The other part of her cutie-mark which looks like the EoH, its because she has all the qualities of a good friend (generous, honest, funny, kind, loyal and magic), the magic part is because she was born alicorn so a little bit of magic hasn't left her body. In her original design she was an Alicorn and the princess of Harmony, but then I saw that was Mary-sue so I changed her story up a bit to make her cut off her horn and make her not a princess (also in the original original she was RD's older sister then in the one after that one she was Princess Celestia's daughter so then in the one you all know now, she has parents which I made, Diamond Sky the pure-breed Unicorn and her Father, Falcon Comet, the pure-breed pegasus.).

10. Obsidian: this is when Indigo Blitz was turned to stone after she was caught talking to the Princesses frozen forms talking about how she was going to get them out somehow... long story short, Tempest froze her.

11. Grand Galloping gala: as Luna's Personal guard she was given an invitation. She is wearing a tux and wing-bling, she also has a hairstyle I quite like as well as eyeliner and eye shadow.

(wow you're still reading?)

12. Crystal pony: Indigo Blitz as crystal pony, I apologize if the crystal part is not visible enough, this is the first time drawing a crytal pony.

thx for listening.
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