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Hello! So we haven't talk to each other for a long long time (:

I just realized - maybe too late or maybe just in time - that is highly unfair to sell prints via deviantart. I know, it can be nice and convenient system, because photos can be easily ordered and delivered, but I would like to emphasize something what bothers me for few hours.
Everybody know, that this way is not good for seller - because he cannot be sure of the quality of prints (I'm sure it is fine, anyway there is no way to check every single one) and - the most important thing here - there are uncountable number of copies possible to make, as always, but with no control of so-called artist. And, what is more important, the gainings are 20% of price, when the rest deviantart receive.

So, it means, that in fact, customer pays fivetime more. Of course, it would be better for the client to have one from signed, numered copies than one of thousands prints, which become worthless in art market.

In few days, I will delete every print from my account and start selling numbered copies for those one, who are interested (because as I see there are some gang of those crazy people). Further informations soon.

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I can tell you from my own experience that I purchased an image off DA and the quality was terrible. I was sorely disappointed and certainly won't purchase any additional prints from this site. As a consumer, I have had great experiences with Red Bubble - the quality has been great. From a seller's perspective, it certainly makes more sense to use DA as a platform to display your work and then to sell prints using a different platform that gives you more control and more $$$.
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I totally agree, It's not a very good system for the sellers.. Or the buyers for that matter, because, as you said, we have no idea what the quality of the print will be so the buyers might've paid a lot of money for a shit print.

Good idea to start to sell them yourself - I'm going to do that as well.
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I agree with you completely. I was thinking to not offer them when i started to use dA... but i did since people want things to be easy and the easiest way is to just get it on dA. So probably they think twice about trying to purchase a piece from someone, when they have to contact him and discuss details. I uploaded each of my pieces in the smallest version and when someone would like to purchase a bigger size piece, they have to contact me.
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yes, it is good solution. I totally agree, because I don't have anything against someone having small print of his/her favorite photo - it's better to do that, than print in home, isn't it?
anyway, i noticed that it's a little bit impossible to delete prints ;)
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it's impossible? for real?
but at least you could do the same like me. just upload a small size version and replace the bigger one.
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yes, I will follow your idea :)
but - oh! - it's so time-consuming!
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:thumbsup: good to know that
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thank you for your support :)
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