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Plot 3
Elwyn looked around the ruins; they hadn’t been disturbed by the war at all.
“You know this was a god’s home, surprised they didn’t come back,” Matthew said stretching out in a chair. She was making sure to stay away from him. Nasrin had just arrived a few minutes ago and dragged Salsber out of the half remaining room. She couldn’t hear them but she was sure something was wrong. “Something wrong Elwyn?”
“No…” she said trying not to pace. She hated being stuck here; she knew she was being used as bait but Alex wasn’t responding to her contacts…
“You know you can’t contact near me when I wish it, no one can,” Matthew said attempting to spin a blade on his finger. Elwyn saw him wince when it slipped and cut him.
“Alex is coming,” Salsber said coming back in. He at least remembered Matthew’s ability, “The gods have the desert.” Nasrin wasn’t there, and she had headed out with Salsb
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Plot 2
It was awhile before Salsber arrived. Elwyn had been escorted to a small camp of Marc’s. He, for once, didn’t have Sharane with him. Thus his usual instruments of torture were gone. She stared at the back of his head as he greeted Salsber. The two of them were night and day. Marc with black hair and dark blue eyes, Salsber with white almost silver hair and his ice blues. Even their powers were opposites, dark and light… strange how they were so close.
“And here they swore that you would harm her,” Salsber said checking over Elwyn for any wounds, “release the shadow binds, I won’t need those.”
“Stop acting high and mighty Salsber, I can best you now,” Marc said the shadows expanding around him in emphasis but he did release the binding. After all he couldn’t do anything to her.
“It is one of my likeable traits,” Salsber said offering Elwyn his hand, “I’m assuming she knows nothing?”
“Except what your fr
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The Plot
Elwyn tensed then relaxed as an arm snaked around her middle a guy’s chest pressing against her back. He felt like Alex… her lover, the man that had saved her. But she knew that was wrong. Alex was far from here, and angry with her. Elwyn blinked away the tears getting back to her healing. They had fought over her involvement, in his war. So what if she wanted to help the man she loved win?! She could heal, she could defend herself, and he had made sure of that. Then he had to go and order her to stay at home.
“It’s no use,” said a far to cheerful voice behind her. That was when the screaming began tearing her from her thoughts. Every soldier in the healing tents died, suddenly with no explanation. Only the screaming suggested that an outside force suddenly acted on them. “Oops I did it again, I’m such a plague,” the voice said.
“Matthew no killing,” Elwyn said pulling away from him.
“I didn’t, they died,” He said. She ju
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Angels of Chaos -3
The people of the village seemed to of known of Llyr's coming. The children were shut inside the stone households and the adults were armed with anything that they could find.
"Not the welcome I wanted," muttered Llyr. He thought of ascending and trying another village but a gust of wind forced him to land.
"Why have the gods send you?" demanded someone from the crowd.
Llyr considered his words carefully but before he spoke another burst out, "You are here aren't you? Those who are kind you'll save while you kill the rest of us!"  
Llyr realized that he couldn't get anyone from here now they would be bonding against him, Llyr decided to lave and once but wind currents continued to keep him grounded.
An arrow was fired from the crowd. "I don't want to fight them," thought Llyr.
Indar's words repeated in his head, "Between me and them I pick me." Llyr sighed and sent a warning to Deamon as more arrows flew towards him.
Crouix impatiently waited for a message from Eurus, "Favoni
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Angels of Chaos -continued
"But I could of helped you prick," Deamon said checking the progress of the water Tenshi noticing Crouix's partners had flown off already. Deamon sighed, "I had hoped for a relaxing stay." Going over to the tree Deamon placed his hand on it, "heal," he whispered. The tree quickly restored its self.
Indar landed at his hut, "Damn Crouix," he muttered opening the door. Inside Crouix sat at the table. "How'd?"
"So you got away," Crouix stated, "It would have been less painful for you to go with them." Crouix stood up and shot a wind blade at Indar. Indar barely dodged it, leaving the front of his shirt ripped.
"Intrusion? Never thought you'd stoop that low Crouix," Indar said making his scythe appear.
"What no fire?" Crouix mocked, "I thought you'd try to fry me again fire user." Indar lunged and Crouix took flight, crashed thought the roof and flew off. Indar heard water surging and turned around to see water hit him.
"Get up Indar," Deamon commanded, "I have to know what happened this t
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Angels of Chaos
"Is it time yet?" asked a rather tan Tenshi. Tenshi were the people from the planet Tian-di. They had wings and each one had power over an element. This particular Tenshi had black and red wings and was annoyed at the moment.
"No Indar, Llyr not back yet," snapped back a Tenshi with blue and green wings. He leaned back against the old building, "Though I'd like to start this as well but you know the rules."
"I know, save two of each type of living creature," Indar replied making a ball of fire appear. Smiling he tossed it at a pile of trash quickly engulfing it.
"You know how I don't like waiting either," the other Tenshi replied brushing back his short brown hair.
Indar sat down and stared at the clouded sky," I know that too Deamon," He sighed, "I just wish Llyr would hurry so we could get rid of this eyesore."
A third Tenshi arrived his white and silver wings were stained with blood. Panting he said, "get out here u two their revolting!"
Indar laughed," Llyr you're to soft they're g
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In the castle, a black headed boy was receiving instructions.
"Issac, there is a young boy with white hair stealing from everywhere," said the chief guard, pacing back and forth in front of the spy. "The guards can't catch him, so I want you to find out where he stays."
"Will do," replied Issac, bowing and exiting the room.
"Look at her, healing every sick person she lays eyes on," a boy commented to his friend, looking at a girl wearing sage training robes, "It's no fair that she gets the spirit power of life."
She stood up and walked over to them.  The boy gulped and took a step back for the look she gave him was of hate.
"Why do you look at him that way?" his friend asked.
"I don't like those who don't like helping those in need," she said to the friend.
She turned to the boy, "You better be careful or you'll turn to the spirit of death."
The boy looked at her in a confused way and then turned and quickly walked away.
"Tristra!" called a teacher.
Tristra ran towards her te
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“Janice move!” hollered Hildie as she strung another arrow on to her bow. Her long brown hair whipped behind her showing her clear blue eyes.
“Watch out for yourself!” yelled Janice as she ducked the blade of her attacker. Her short blond hair was stained with blood. Her gray eyes darted back and forth looking for attackers’ weapons. The two of them fiercely fought for their lives. For some odd reason the three of the four spirits had fallen into a trap. The spirit of destruction had been killed already and life was close.
“If I get out of here I am killing Barten,” gasped Hildie grabbing her side trying to stop the bleeding.
“That’s weird for your spirit to do,” joked Janice slicing off another attackers head.
“Well it can be done,” said Hildie. Just then Janice was struck down.
“I tried,” chocked Janice falling.
“Death is down!” hollered a minion. Cheers rose from the attackers.
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Hahaha wow it's been years since I've actually posted anything here. I suppose it's because I never found a reason to keep up a journal. (it's not like anyone reads these anyway) I just can't bring myself to do my statics homework Anyone want to finish it for me? You just have to solve for x, it's fourth grade stuff I have it set up already to solve! And responding to all the works I have going with others isn't appealing at this moment. Maybe because they all require thought. That is the same reason for avoiding the homework- I don't really want to do the thinking thing anymore. Okay I don't want to be come brain dead... but I want to have someone else just make the choices and let me sleep. Or play gameboy, or poke at random things on the internet. That's it, that's all I want from life right now.
Oh listen to me whine on and on about this. I suppose I would want to just do homework soon as I was denied it anyway so I can't really complain. Especially not with what I signed up for next semester. I won't drop any of the classes and I'll probably tell everyone I know and even those I don't know what I'm taking. I'll complain, I"ll whine some more but you know deep down I'm excited about it. That's just how I am.
Yah... great now I'm trying to get inspirational. No middle ground for me noooo. I suppose I'll just go back to poking things on the internet until I bore of that.
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