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Some more icons

By indestudio
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We made some more icons. Simple minimal icons.

THIS ICONS ARE SOLD OUT! So don't ask for download link, please.

Иконки сделаны по заказу CSFactory

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Here are our stock-icons:

iDS copyright
invisible design studio
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Really great work!
Especially the ones in the bottom!

Жжоте ребята! :)
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What does the following statement you made mean:

"THIS ICONS ARE SOLD OUT! So don't ask for download link, please."

You can't "sell out" an icon... it's digital and can be copied an infinite number of times.

I do not mean any offense, but if you don't want people to have your icons (free or otherwise) you should not post them on DeviantART...
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This icons are custom. Client paid for this icons. We only show them in our portfolio. You can do whatever you want with them, but you can't use them in a commercial way, cause they are property of our client. Is it clear?
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Perhaps we have a language difficulty.

If they are the property of one of your clients, why are you posting them on DeviantART?

I cannot "do whatever I want with them" because they cannot be downloaded; and they should not be, because they belong to your client.

Have a nice day.
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Chemistry, I love it!!
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couple of suggestions/observaions:
nobody puts a hammer like that
candle looks a bit like a pencil
acid bottle looks like one for ink
tools in the toolbox should be different (why would anyone put equal tools into one box?)
nobody uses saws for cutting through concrete blocks
why would you put nail next to the drill?
i can't tell whether it's a pen or a pencil standing next to the roulette
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is your penis way too small for you?
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REALLY beautifully made!
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Отличная работа...
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are the icons in a square format?
because some look way wider that the others?
agreed quite the opposite of minimal ;)
great job on these :clap:
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Thanx :) You are right, this icons are in a square format. It was a specific project.
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I find these the opposite of "simple" and "minimal", but awesome work nonetheless.
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perfect icons
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really really good. I like the Lab once.
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Really really nice. :)
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Looks great! Good job. :)
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