2020 Commission : CLOSED

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By IndahAlditha
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# Simple Headshot Sketch ()

Commission : Astrid by IndahAldithaCommission : Kier by IndahAldithaCommission : Nicklaw17 by IndahAlditha

# Ornamented Bust Up Sketch ()

Commission : Jubilee by IndahAldithaCommission : Death, The Sandman Series by IndahAldithaCommission : Max and Chloe, Life is Strange by IndahAlditha
Commission : Sally and Zero by IndahAldithaCommission : Gerta by IndahAldithaCommission : Winifred Sawyer by IndahAlditha

# Headshot Painting ()

Bullet; Green Simple BG Include ( I'll send you both of the files with and the transparent one)

Commission : Saeru by IndahAlditha Commission : Swucha by IndahAlditha Commission : Kasai by IndahAlditha
Commission : Kai Lee by IndahAlditha Commission : Camille Rarclaire by IndahAlditha Commission : Kyraniel by IndahAlditha

# Full Illustration (Waist Up - Full Body) & NSFW Painting

Bullet; Green Please note me for the price.

Akali - KDA Prestige Skin by IndahAlditha Lucious Vess : Liliana Vess Genderbend by IndahAlditha Onmyoji Fan Art Contest - Youko by IndahAlditha Commission : Royce and Marciella by IndahAlditha Commission : Royce and Avenall by IndahAlditha
 Our First Meet by IndahAlditha Great Time to Spend The Afternoon by IndahAlditha Commission : Kael'thrimar by IndahAlditha Dragoborne : Explosive Counter by IndahAlditha
Commission : Liliana and Feirdon by IndahAlditha Blackheart's Bay Battle by IndahAlditha L5R : Shameful Display by IndahAlditha

Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedPAYMENT METHODBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red

Star! My Paypal = argionedunbalack@gmail.com
Star! Local Ondonesian Bank = BCA 

Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedCOMMISSION METHODBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red
  1. Choose the category you want to, and then note me with the format that I give to you in point number 2, or PM me via e-mail : aldithasiregar@gmail.com
  2. Send me to order by this format:
    1. Commission Category
    2. Number of Characters
    3. References or description of the commission:
    4. Your e-mail address: Ex: 1. Commission Category: Bust Up Painting2. Number of Characters: 13. References or description of the commission: I want you to draw him :link: in the beach for the background4. Your e-mail address: syalalalajkjkj@gmail.com
  3. After the order is decided and agreed, I will make a rough sketch and send it you.  If you agree with that, you must PAY HALF UP FRONT, than I will finish the work and showing you the final version with the small size. I'll give you the bigger size after I receive the FULL PAYMENT. 
  4. Please be patient; I will finish one slot before working on another.
  5. I only accept CASH payment via Paypal and Indonesian deviants can pay via local bank transfer.

If you are interested or have any questions, please note me or leave comments.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

THANK YOU! Hope you have a great day~

Best Regards,
Indah Siregar

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© 2020 IndahAlditha
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I would love to be added to your waitlist if you have one!

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I sent a note ^^ Hope to hear back from you soon! c:
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Hello! I'm interested in your painted portraits but I want to know what estimate deadline they have if this is possible before ordering ^^u

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These are all so crazily gorgeous!
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Thank you so much ^^
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I'm a NEW Great Wolf Lodge person.
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I sent you a message. I will resend properly. 
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Hello Indah :D About Simple Headshot Sketch (25$), what would be the price for pictures for a self published book please ? And the deadline ?
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I'll send you a note ^^
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