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June 11, 2013
Abandonement by =Indae
This little emote packs a whole lot of emotion. The expression and animation really conveys the sadness this little guy feels.
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Gosh it´s so cute-sad ... heartbreaking!
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Seriously this is too sad tho-
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That makes feel sad...Its so cool XD
TheGalleryOfEve's avatar
Congratulations on your well-deserved DD!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::iconlainloveplz::iconflyingheartsplz: :clap::clap::clap:
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:iconcryingplz: :iconcryingplz: :iconcryingplz: :iconcryingplz: :iconcryingplz: :iconcryingplz: :iconcryingplz: :iconcryingplz: :iconcryingplz: :iconcryingplz: :iconcryingplz: :iconcryingplz:

that's so SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :*(
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Poor him,:hug: him.
poetries's avatar
Poor little thing. :( He needs a hug.
Whipncream10's avatar
You have no idea how much I relate to this. :iconforeveraloneplz:

Aaanyway~ Congratz on the DD! It's well deserved!
NekoNekoGirl04's avatar
This is a really cute but sad emoticon... :(
Congrats on the DD! :meow:
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AEmiliusLives's avatar
That looks like I feel :P
OMGWEEGEE2's avatar
This is not a emote.
This is a emotION. Hehehe...
Congrats on the DD btw.
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Congrads on the DD! this is sad…
Human-pon3's avatar
Congratz on the DD! This really goes along with some of my life... :')
Schneefuechsin's avatar
Congratulations on the DD! :hug:
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Wonderful expression!
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@dA: We should add this to the emotes collection! :abandoned: maybe?

Page-Mistress's avatar
[hugs the sad emote]
stuck-in-suburbia's avatar
Congratulations, Indae! :iconsqueeeplz:
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Great job. I could apply this to some areas of my life!
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Aww, poor little emote :(

*picks him up and :hug:*
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