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My Bio

Hi there, I'm a big nerd who's into science and gaming, in addition to art. (expect a LOT of rambling from me, especially on the topic of speculative biology)

Please talk to me about my world building project I hunger ceaselessly to talk about it-

Pronouns: they/them; she/her also tolerable. He/him also ok. Absolutely NEVER call me It/It's.

Age: a d u l t (21)


Tumblr (casual // art)

Discord (DM me for username)





Weasyl (account is long dead, though)

For best communication results, I strongly advise contacting me via DA or Discord.

For those who are wondering, 'Inc why in the fuq haven't you responded to comments and such'- I DO READ THEM. ALL OF THEM. (It's just that my absolute garbage self confidence makes it hard to find the will to actually post the responses that I write. Sometimes my responses remain forever in limbo, sometimes I get back right away, and sometimes I respond after a few days have passed and I've had time to really think over what I say.)

Please note that I always respond right away once a back-and-forth begins in private notes or discord convos.

Favourite TV Shows
Kurzgesagt, PBS Eons, SciShow, Deep Look, Tier Zoo, Adventure Time, Beastars, Gravity Falls, Transformers Prime, Kill la Kill, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Parasyte, Confinement (by Lord Bung),,,,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Wolfgun, Infected Mushroom, Rchetype, Niion, Ulrich Scnauss, Philomela, Pogo, Blackmill, B-Complex,,,,
Favourite Books
Wolves of the Beyond, Digger, Homestuck, Ender's Game & Speaker for the Dead, Warriors,,,, (fanfic time! The Resilience Saga by HeCallsMeHisChild, and Heartless by Drich)
Favourite Games
Hollow Knight, Rain World, Subnautica, Minecraft, Don't Starve, Slime Rancher, Pokemon, Spore & Spore Creatures, Okamiden, Niche: a Genetics Survival Game,,,,
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Intuos tablet, gaming PC; Adobe Photoshop CS6, Paint Tool SAI, Inkscape, Assembly, Piskel, Pencil2D, Sony Vegas Movie Studio, OBS, Audacity, Renoise,,,,
Other Interests
speculative biology, gaming, writing, world building,,,

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Can I just say that you're a real inspiration for me? Because of you, I started actually doodling and not forcing myself to only produce finished stuff. :3

HELL0 yes I am very late to responding to this a h :V

duderino that's really cool to hear tho! Any reason to see more of your stuff is great :D

(altho tbh I actually have the opposite problem,,, I almost never produce anything finished and instead just crank out sketches because it's the only thing I can have the motivation to actually create ;D; )

Well, you see where trying to only present finished stuff got me. Now I don't draw at all anymore. xD But I'm getting back into it thanks to you.

Hey Incy! It's Jason (ABattlefieldsGhost), I'm back on dA! I've been thinking about it and I decided to start fresh back on here haha. It's so nice to see your art again, I still love your monster designs and you've improved so much with your art!! I won't be on here as often as I am on my other platforms but I'll do my best to keep up with what you post here!!! I hope you're doing okay! <3

heyo! lol this is kinda funny since legit right as you sent this, I was skulking around on my DA after a bit of a hiatus, and had noticed and went HEY, I KNOW THAT PERSON WHO'S FAVEBOMBING ME! I HAVE TO SAY HI AT SOME POINT! : D




yo thanks!! :0

ALSO, on the topic of other platforms,,, uh don't be surprised if you get like bombed on twitter in the neat future; I have a.... semi 'functioning' account there now and although I do not check it very frequently and almost never post there,,, It Exists :V

XD Oh wow! I suppose I came at the right moment then XD I appreciate it though! XD

SJFHSJDFH Hello! Long time no see XD

Of course! :3

o: Ooh okie! Thank you for the future bomb then XD I'll be on the lookout for it and give ya a follow whenever you decide to hop on! >:3c It's great to see you and your work again!!

Hello Incyray! :D

I wanted to come over and say thank you for the favourite you left on my latest artwork! :love:

Especially in this crazy year the support and the feedback of my community is what holds me above water ;v;!

[CM] Nocturnus

I hope to deliver a lot more art in 2021 that you might enjoy, and so I hope to see you again on my profile :heart:

Until that time, I wish you and your beloved ones a good time, stay healthy, be happy - and become the best version of yourself! :hug: