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JUST. THIS SONG. This song explains so much for what comes after Amsterdam. [link]

It's about time I thought of colouring this. The internet was down, and bless my poor heart, I almost had a panic attack. Good thing I did this while I waited for the net to come back.


Hazel and Augustus (c) John Green
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I love it!!! (present tense)
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Love Waaaah! La la la la :happybounce: Nuu Stare 
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This is amazing
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Read this book it's amazing I cried too Love these guys this picture is amazing so beautiful
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I really want to read the book and see the movie
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AGHHHGHHGHHGH. You just made made me so sad. That book... I guess there's just some messed up authors in this world right? Like John Green. 
You've mastered their appearances. I'm serious, its just so perfect!
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NOOOOOOO I know he's pretty cruel when it comes to characters! Hahaha I threw the book when I finished it.
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YES. ME TOO. I wanted to break my kindle in half, but I just started hitting my pillows. Its nice to hear that other people in this world feel the same way, :D (Big Grin) 
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I'd like to know how do you make these kind of drawings; like do you scan them and then color them with photoshop or something? Cause I really love this style but when I try it it just doesn't look the way I was expecting...
thank you, and AMAZING picture, by the way.
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Yes half of the time I do scan my drawings and color them on Photoshop. Sometimes I like to do stuff fully digitally too but I like the combination of traditional and digital methods.
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woooah, thank you for sharing!!!:D
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This is probably my favorite one I've ever seen.
I Just saw john green's vlogbrothers video of this and i was like :OOOO ! that's incredibru's art!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is so awsome!
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This is amazing :la:
There are so many feeling that's come with it
Hi! I was wondering if I could use your drawing for a book trailer I am making. I would make sure to credit you!

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This is just..I can't..
This is so beautiful >w<
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It's so cute, yet it makes me feel sad too... It is beautiful! And I love your style :) I saw this picture on tumblr before ;o
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John Green must have loved your work :3
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Wait.... It was you who did this art? I have this poster!! Signed, too :D
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Yes it was me! I'm glad you like the poster. I also have mine signed and framed. :love:
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You are so lucky to have John Green notice you to that extent. This is, like, the most popular one according to Tumblr. :D
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I started crying. It's such an amazing artwork that it broke my heart really bad. :'(
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