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The Shrink-Chamber

I’ve been experimenting on backgrounds recently.
Especially for new settings such as laboratories.

The result reminded me of the shrink-chamber in the story “Short Time” from Scidram :iconscidram:

Inspired by the shrinking scenario where a female scientist is trapped within the shrink chamber, I’ve made this little gif.

Enjoy ;)

I've got some feedback that the last part is too dark on some screens, so I've made them brighter.
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What would you do in this situation? I mean you can't really do anything
IncredibleCaptainAsh's avatar
True, once trapped inside, there is little you can do.
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Oh I loved the part where she actually shrinks. It's short, but oh so good. :)

IncredibleCaptainAsh's avatar
If you are trapped in a shrink chamber and you know it, you have a wide range of emotions. :D
Glad you like it, although she shrink was a bit short. ;P

WhereAmINow22's avatar
I so wished there was more to this. It looks so awesome.
IncredibleCaptainAsh's avatar
Now you've made me curious. What else more would you like to see?  ;P

This scene is based on the story "Short Time" from SciDram, you can find more info on the description.

WhereAmINow22's avatar
Could have someone come in to try to hide it, or who ever was watching the security cam. Or you could have a fight between an ant, or something ^^
IncredibleCaptainAsh's avatar
She is later found by her co-workers.
Let's say that this incident was not an accident. ;P
bouncymischa's avatar
*giggles*  Sorry I didn't leave a comment earlier... but rather enjoyed the gif!  Really enjoyed the last shot with her amongst her clothing... great work!
IncredibleCaptainAsh's avatar
Thank you for leaving a comment.
I like it if viewers share they thoughts about what they liked. ;P

I'm glad that you enjoyed this little gif.
The last scene where the scientist finds herself inside her clothes is the one most people enjoyed. :D

Psiredem's avatar
This is the most detailed gif I've ever watched.
IncredibleCaptainAsh's avatar
Thank you!
I'm glad you like it.

I hope you also enjoy my other animated gifs. ;)
Psiredem's avatar
I'll take a look at them!
ms969's avatar
I watched this before reading your description and it brought that story to mind.  You might want to enter a second page with her in the onsie suit, or her forced nursing.  Finally a third page with her in a cage and shrinking down to fit through the bars.  I liked your display a lot.
IncredibleCaptainAsh's avatar
Thank you!
Those words are the best praise, if you can imagine how a story or scene might continue.
I like you last description where she is small enough to escape through the bars. :D
Age-Control's avatar
well lab accidents can happen
IncredibleCaptainAsh's avatar
True, accidents happen if you refuse to put on your radiation suit before entering a shrink chamber.
Or was it no accident at all? :D
If you follow Scidram's profile in the description, you can read the chapters why she enters the chamber.
SarangKecoa's avatar
well, i'll do the same things as a prank XD
IncredibleCaptainAsh's avatar
How evil of you! ;P

It is quite a prank, you just need a reason to lure them in. :D
SarangKecoa's avatar
oh by the way, is there a group for this kind of theme? Sw looks fun ^^
IncredibleCaptainAsh's avatar
Yes, there are GTS(giantess) and SW(shrinking woman) groups.
Just check my profile, then you can find some of these groups.

And yes, seeing women shrink is fun. ;)
SarangKecoa's avatar
and I'll get a big slap after I turn them back I guess :d
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