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UBB Infograph

There has been a repeated history of failure on the part of the CRTC in ensuring the leveling of the telecommunications playing field.

Ya'know, doing their BASIC FUCKING JOB.

I'm extremely upset by this and it took every ounce of willpower not to write FUCK in every other sentence of this infograph.

It's my first infograph, so I apologize if I'm missing some universal rule here.
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I shared this on my Facebook.
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Spread it like a disease.
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Spreading this shit everywhere.
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I have a journal about this [link]

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Sorry for posting this here, but I made a news article about it - [link]
Please heart and share!
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Can we get some sourcing on this?
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Hey Incorrect,

Great infographic here. In the process of Speaking Up, I have written an article which links to your graphics.

I hope it's alright that I've cited you. Feel free to check out my article here:

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Good job, dude... keep it up.
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thanks for this! I'm Canadian and so very furious about this UBB talk, urgh.
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You're very welcome :)
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Seen this on Reddit; I must say it's a well-made condensate of information about the usage-based Internet billing that's about to hit Canada.
I'm Canadian and spitting mad too. Great job, this needs be seen Incorrect Password. May I upload this to, my FB page, and my blogs? Of course I will credit it properly and provide a link to this page.
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Go right ahead! Any little bit helps :)
thanx, it's out there on FB and Twitter. here's what's on blogs:
[link] hope this is ok with you.
...... i haven't had time to write an original article yet, am just using one from straight upload to OpenMedia isn't large enough to read when clicked, i'll work on the image size in photoshop.
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Pretty good, but I noticed a few pretty glaring problems: an apostrophe doesn't always preceed an s, so employee's is painfully wrong, and the internet *is* a series of tubes that can get congested, it's just the data in the tubes moves near the speed of light, so a block of 1 second is considered obscenely high.

It's also hard to pinpoint exactly how much a GB costs Bell et al because the electricity used to transmit it is so infentesimal that it's a nonissue until you get into the TB range, and that's the only cost involved. All costs related to running an ISP are either upfront (cables, equipment) or independent of the data used (customer support, maintenance, platinum backscratchers for the executives).
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Ouch, I'll get started on fixing those grammar error's at once ><

And the series of tubes thing is more of a reference to this [link]
ISP's use ALOT of resources preparing for peak hours where that congestion happens, and Bell has spent almost nothing on improving the copper wires we currently have now. (Aside from the Fibe premium that exists)

Oh yeah, the costs of sending that 1GB of data is very negligent in the grand scale of things, but the argument by the telecom company is that they are struggling to meet the 'costs' of it.
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Wow. Well I know one country I won't be moving to.
I like how you made it. The big colorful letters made me want to keep reading.
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