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Blue Musician Journal

By Inconcabille
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Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue ¡¡¡¡!!!! You need a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP !!!!¡¡¡¡ Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue

< C R E D I T S >

Bullet; Blue Journal CSS Skin | Coding © < Inconcabille >
Bullet; Blue Background | Birds © < VVVVValonia >
Bullet; Blue Thumb Example © < VVVVValonia >

< R U L E Z 
Bullet; Blue I N F O R M A T I O N >

Bullet; Blue < blockquote >  B L O C K Q U O T E < / blockquote > (without space)
Bullet; Blue < div align= " center" >< div class=" thumb-holder" >  T H U M B < / div >< / div > (without space)
Bullet; Blue < h1 > < /h1 > | < h3 > < /h3 > | < h4 > < /h4 > (without space)

Bullet; Blue Fixed Background.
Bullet; Blue Scrollbox. :3
Bullet; Blue Maybe it has small errors - my knowledge is limited. :3 
Bullet; Blue If this does not work < BLOCKQUOTE | Thumb >, take a look in the Editor / HTML.
Bullet; Blue Mood <-::.. unavailable
Bullet; Blue Don't delete the 'Skin Footer' :stinkeye: I have invested a lot of time *.* Do not edit and/or use any snippets of code without written promission!
Bullet; Blue Links | Menu | Sidebar can / must be changed. Change | -> USERNAME
Bullet; Blue This skin was tested on Chrome and Safari. :D (Big Grin) I hope you like it, and let me know if you have any issue using it!
Bullet; Blue Safari is really great. MAC User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel Safari User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel
Bullet; Blue Try it out and tell me what you think La la la la I would appreciate a +fav or c o m m e n t Dance!


© 2015 - 2021 Inconcabille
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I love it ;w; using it!
goosetooth's avatar
Your skins are the best! I'm watching <3 also installed 
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Hi! Your journal skin is amaaaazing, but I don't know how to link the "profile" tab to my own profile. Please help??
Inconcabille's avatar
Hello :love:
I will help you :3

Click Journal -> Edit Journal
Choose Skin -> right top click Edit Skin
Skin Install Confirmation -> Accept

You see - Skin Header
Click Save :3

Hope, it helps ^^
hanamacart's avatar
Ahhh thank you very much! ^w^
Inconcabille's avatar
Did it work? *.*
hanamacart's avatar
Yes thanks very much :)
Inconcabille's avatar
You are so welcome! :dance:
Piku-chan21's avatar
Wow the colors ahh you make awesome journals ; u ; b <333
Inconcabille's avatar
Awwww :heart: Thank you so much hun :love: <33
I love Blue *.* ^^
hanamacart's avatar
This is amazing. Loooove it.
Inconcabille's avatar
Thank you so much! moomin-hug 
Inconcabille's avatar
Thank you so much! moomin-hug 
RavensQuill's avatar
You're ever so welcome. :huggle:
Oskana's avatar
This one is amazing and I love it deeply!
Inconcabille's avatar
Thank you so much! moomin-hug 
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I definitely loved the skin... When then I noticed the girl could be Hatsune Miku...
AND NOW I'M CONVULSING IN THE FLOOR !! wwwssshfffskjnrc nsdfkjsnldfcnlkd cjkkkkk

The skin is amazing, I like the skulls and the combination of colours
Inconcabille's avatar
I don't know *.*
Maybe? XD
Thank you so much :la:
VVVVValonia have amazing images in her gallery :la:
Image: Musician by VVVVValonia
ReenvhAi's avatar
You really don't know Hatsune Miku? :ohnoes:
Woah, is... XD Well I was used to speak about her because is very popular... From the otaku point of view? :D hehe okay no problem anyway

Thanks for show me the image :meow:

I faved and installed the skin. Useless of course, because I'm not premium, but I like to see it in my gallery... And maybe someday I'll can use! :la:
Inconcabille's avatar
No, unfortunately not. *.*
I do not know everything: 3 My life is exciting and eats my time. ^^
You are welcome :heart:
Maybe, one day - you can use this skin. 
It would make me happy and proud. :la:
ReenvhAi's avatar
XD Well I'm not listening Miku 24hs per day if it's what you're thinking... But I like ^.^

Okay, already faved and installed and commented, so now, I'll wait for a premium :la:
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real neat design!
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