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Jarlaxle...of Course



So...this pic is a result of all that's been happening in my life since July.......

This Jarlxle :D one of my two favouritest book characters in the realms of fantasy :D :D

Jarlaxle is copyright of R.A. Salvatore and Forgotten Realms etc

This one is a shout out to my friend [link] and their friend [link] who made me smile :D :D

I should be doing uni work, but you in the process of doing this i think i may have discovered a way to it all counts :D

As for the pic itself;
I'd like to thank [link] for the inspirational base for this pose :D
[link] for the chains brush, i'm lazy too ;P
[link] for the feather texture
and [link] for the spidery background texture, i had fun playing with it :D
The rest of the image, colours, linework, other textures, etc copyright of me :D :D

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I Mean.. all that bling xD
If he was in real life , could it be? xD!!