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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello everyone! This is my Deviantart page. Welcome!

Here, I like to put up drawings, photos, journals and such like. I'm developing my skills as an artist, trying out different things here and there. The only limit with my drawing is my own head...and soon I should go over that.

I like to read books and certain comics, and watch youtube often. Music is especially good for me...the textures often get me into an artsy mood.

As for my photos, they're all just random pictures that I've taken that I think are nice. I'm sure that here, be it in my gallery, or my favourites (which rather accurately reflect my tastes), you'll find something you like.

I really appreciate any comments and feedback on what you see, and favourites of course are nice as well. So, sit back and enjoy!


Art Trade-Ben Walker and Thomas Bailey
Well, I'm back! Haven't drawn something coloured or proper in's nice to start again. (Although I will admit I rushed this one towards the end...)

This is my side of an art trade that I am doing with the amazing Deviantartist Archangel470 :iconarchangel470:, involving a scene where my Halo OC, Spartan IV Thomas Bailey, is having a chat with Archangel's OC, Alliance Spartan Benjamin Walker. The two are conversing as to their favourite books, films and foods.

Thomas Bailey, my OC, is in his Mark IV gen 2 armour in the colours of his fireteam, Fireteam Luna. I shall be drawing out a proper reference sheet for him soon-the draft wasn't so good. The proportions are a little wonky, but overall I'm ok with what I've achieved. As for Ben, he's in his usual recruit helmet and Mk VI armour-in colours of Blue and white! Again, I mucked up a bit on details and proportion. Proportions as a whole are tricky for me, and hands are a nightmare, as is armour. But I'm happy with what I accomplished-I'm getting better. :)

So, what Archangel470 does (for those who haven't heard of him) is he makes these amazing Source Film maker posters-many of them involving crossovers with other franchises, or other Halo OCs. The work is brilliant-and there are plenty of other great SFM Halo artists I've seen. I love these things, and I'm really happy to do an Art trade with this person. So, thanks for accepting the Trade, Archangel-and a big shoutout to his page!

As for the person peeking from behind the door...let me just say that the story of Fireteam Luna is about to begin...

UPDATE: I will be deleting this picture within the next week or so, due to having created an improved and updated version. Those who have this in their favourites or comments should use the updated one before I delete this one.

Art Trade-Ben Walker and Thomas Bailey-Redraw
This here is a redraw of the picture 'Art Trade-Ben Walker and Thomas Bailey', a revision of my side of an ongoing art trade with Archangel470 :iconarchangel470:. While I had said in the description for that image that I was happy with it...I really wasn't. The more I looked at the image, the more I decided that I didn't like the result. I had grown impatient, rushed the final drawing, the colouring, and it shows. Proportions are all over the place, colour is sketchy and weird, Bailey's face is not quite as it should be.

I decided that I could do better...I had to do better. I didn't want this to be the drawing I put up when I could draw something more...I wanted to make something that looked cool, even if it took me ages to do it. And so, the long labour began...

I started by drawing out a head study for my Original Character, figuring out what he looked like properly. After drawing the first head, I realised that his face was too narrow, and decided to reshape it and proportion it better. I also looked up pictures of beards so that I could try to draw his-I am overall proud with how it turned out.

The next stage was to draw his armour concept. I had decided to change his armour from the Gen2 Mk V to a mix between the Centurion-Class Mjolnir, as worn by Fred-104 in Halo 5 (one of the good armours it had), the MK VI Gen 2 (for the forearms and legs), and the Reach Era MK V (for the right shoulder-a security shoulder with a Khukri). I also decided I wanted him to have ammunition pouches on his waist like the MK V in Combat Evolved.

The Head Study and Armour Study are here:…

Next, I drew out the skeleton of the poses on the paper. I realised that I wanted to change Bailey's pose a little, so I raised his hand an had him pointing at the holotable. I used a ruler to lay out the room, and brought the door significantly closer. Then...the pain began.

Let me put it simply: Getting the proportions right on Bailey and his Centurion Chestplate was an absolute NIGHTMARE. I lost count of how many times I would sketch it in and then have to rub it out, or how many times I looked at pictures of Fred from Halo 5 to see what it looked the end, I did it. It was so worth it.

I also decided to change the single generic character behind the door into two characters, both peering in at the scene. One is another OC...the not my character. I'll get to her in a second.

After I had finally inked in everyone, I decided to use different shades of blue for the Holotable to give the idea of a holographc display in a better and more natural way. Finally, I figured out the Fireteam Luna colour scheme for Thomas and the two others-Silver (using slate grey crayola pencil) and light blue. At last, after over a week of drawing, doodling, and rubbing out, I had finished it.

It was worth every second. I had so much fun adding in a few details here and there, figuring out the gestures and expressions...heck, when I finally got Bailey's armour right I felt great. I am incredibly proud with how this turned out.

Now, to explain what's actually going on in the picture!

Spartan Benjamin Walker is talking to Thomas Bailey about armour and ship least that is how it starts. It rapidly moves on to a talk about books, film, life, food and boiled eggs with soldiers. And tea. They both want a cup of tea. Earl Grey please, it's been ages.

Peeking around behind the door are the other two members of Fireteam Luna. The blonde man on the left is Luke Adams, the fireteam's all-rounder and hothead, wondering what the heck these two are on about. On the right hand side is Spartan Raine Silverlock, who is my favourite character from the Webcomic Twokinds. In December 2018, the author of this Webcomic Twokinds Thomas Fischbach picked my suggestion for a sketch, which involved Raine being drawn in Halo armour, with another character (known colloquially as [Database Error] or 'Red', due to red hair and no-one remembering his name) as an AI, similar to the Master Chief and Cortana. The sketch was subsequently coloured and posted on Deviantart as well as Patreon. After this, I decided to make a fireteam for Raine to be a part of-and thus I drew a rough character draft for Thomas Bailey. By June, I had a decent idea as to his personality, and felt that I could draw him, and I subsequently decided to try include Raine in the picture.

I was very nervous when drawing her in, as Mr Fischbach is a very-talented artist, and I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to do her justice. I felt absolutely euphoric when I was not only able to get her face, but also her 'freakishly long hair' just about right. It is one of the reasons I love this picture so much.

So, to wrap up, I want to say a few than yous. Thank you Archangel470 :iconarchangel470: for accepting my request of an art trade. A huge shout out to him-his SFM artwork is incredible, and his spartan Benjamin goes on all of these crazy adventures with his friends OCs.  I hope to become part of that community soon...

Another thank you to Thomas Fischbach Twokinds :icontwokinds:, for sketching Halo Raine all those months ago and inspiring me to doodle again with Halo-he is a major factor into why I took up drawing my once-a-week in January onwards, and my revitalized interest in art.

And also a big thank you to CatOfWhispers :iconcatofwhispers:, with whom I have had many conversations concerning my OC and hers, Samuel, and who helped me to build up my character by giving me someone for him to react to, forcing me to build up his persona. I will be making a nice character sheet thanks to them.

Spartan Benjamin Walker belongs to Archangel470 :iconarchangel470:

Raine Silverlock belongs to Thomas Fischbach (Twokinds) :icontwokinds:

All Halo content belongs to Microsoft and 343 Industries.

Thomas Bailey and Luke Adams belong to me.

Spartan Bailey Original Character Draft:…

Thomas Bailey Concept Sketches:…

Concept Sketches-Bailey and Benjamin V2
These are concept sketches that I made for the ongoing redraw of my Art trade with Archangel470 :iconarchangel470:, 'Bailey and Benjamin', which featured my Halo OC, Thomas Bailey, and Archangel470's OC, Spartan Benjamin Walker. I never felt truly satisfied with that drawing, feeling that I had rushed it, and decided to draw it again, but better this time. So, in this sheet, I have included the two pages going through my character's appearence.
The head study in particular is important, as the study on the far left is how I had been trying to draw him before, until I realised that his head was too narrow, and thus it was ruining the proportions and the impact of the face. So, I drew him with a more solid, rounded and even visage. I also looked up tutorials and images on beards, as his beard had been causing me a bit of trouble. I am very proud as to how his head turned out in the right-most two pictures-that is Bailey as I have always imagined him.
I have a little imformation written about him down below-his birthdate, his affiliations, why he is a Spartan IV and so forth. It might be a bit tricky to read, but I will be making a full reference sheet concerning this character shortly.
The drawings below are from when I was attempting to figure out what sort of armour he would wear. In the original version of Bailey and Benjamin, he wears a variant of the MK IV gen 2 armour permutation. I decided, however, that this armour didn't quite fit him as a leader. I had a great fondness for Frederic-104's Centurion armour in Halo 5, so I decided to give him the chestpiece of that armour instead. I also made the decision to doodle in a Reach Era Security shoulder on the right, because, well, it looks badass.
The revised version of 'Bailey and Benjamin' will be published very soon.

Both sketches were drawn on A4.

I don't own Halo-all Halo related material is owned by Microsoft and 343 Industries.
Exams are over for me! At last. Now I am hoping to work on some drawings...just random doodles and stuff. I might start uploading again soon. It'll be fun.
  • Listening to: "Let's Jump Together" by Tom Cook
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  • Watching: 'Bumblebee' (2018)
  • Playing: Skyrim (it sucks out my soul)
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So it seems if you really would like to meet Alice in person, as I said you've often said to me you would so love too, then I recommend coming to the MCM here in London at the Excel Centre I'm afraid.

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