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Steampunk Desk Verne

*Updated-removed lower right text and hand. I'll probably do this for all of them.

Another one modified up from another.

Picture is Jules Verne.

'Download' (left side) gets you 1680x1050 widescreen.

Stock credits:

My website: Inception 8 Website

Steampunk Desks Set
Old Books - [link]
Vinci - [link]
Disc - [link]
Verne - [link]
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Really dig this and using it. Thank you.
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This would fit in very well on the series " Warehouse 13 ". They use supposedly " archaic ", but effective, technology right out of the steampunk era. Artie Nielsen ( from the series ) would love this ! things like this blow me away. There's a fellow up in NY state who actually fitted out his computer & LCD screen with a set up like this. It was featured on a series called " Oddities " on Discovery Science.
Forgive my prattle, but I'm ** agog ** :).
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I'm a little bit of a fan of Warehouse 13. At least I was watching it right up until when ever the last show aired.
And thanks. :)
TheObsessiveBrowser's avatar
It's got good character development & good acting. Joanne Kelly ( The female agent Myka ) may be replaced by Aaron Ashmore from " Smallville ", but I hope it's just temporary. Myka & Pete had / have a good dynamic going.

You're welcome !
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Excellent work
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Bravo! Very well done. Very classy too. Im completely impressed!
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i want this!
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Very clever. ^_^
aker's avatar
great idea
well done :thumbsup:
i especially like how you added the foreshortened portrait.
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Fantastic work my friend :clap:
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thankyou very much for all your comments. :)
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You're very welcome my friend :D
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This is so cool.... I love it!
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yaaaay!!! i found this page through the facebook "wallpapers" group Steampunk!
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Cool. Glad ya found it.
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You know I really have no interest in this sort of thing but I do really like. Well done.
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inception8's avatar
Gee that's nice Inception8. Very good work. The 'keys' could have been done a little better but I think it's forgiveable.
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