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Uber Goggles Smart Prop

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:bulletred: Brand New: Victorian Rifleman's Helm Smart Prop for Victoria 4

:bulletred: Steampunk Gallon Hat Smart Prop for Victoria 4

:bulletred: Uber Goggles 2.0 for Victoria 4

:bulletblack: Made in 3dsmax for (base) Victoria 3. Fits her head fairly nicely.

:bulletblack: Saved as a smart prop.

:bulletblack: 'Download' (upper left side) contains 3 files which includes a readme. Unzipping will place all files in the Props folder under Inception8.

So you'll be good to go.

Have fun. :)

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Ha ! Knew I'd seen it somewhere !
May be the final touch to a 'Not-A-Jawa' costume...

Thank you.
So beautiful. I love it.
Eiwynn's avatar
fantastic work, thank you :)
TerrellsEspresso's avatar
OK You're my hero! Thanks a bunch!
RaeyenIrael-Stock's avatar
This has been featured in the news article Exploring Stock & Resources: 3D Models
Keep up the good work :dalove:
Avia-Sunanda's avatar
AAAAwwww This is freakin`cOOOOOOOL you have made AWESOME Punky stuff,WOooooooow THANXxxx a LOT
Happy greetz Avia Sunanda^^
Velldune's avatar
Damn... its about time we got some steampunk themed items! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!
inception8-Resource's avatar
mhm...more on the way. ;)
lechatdesigns's avatar
Yay, more Steampunk! I love your models. Fan hugs, Cat
znow-white's avatar
Your wonderful resources have been included in my Weekly Gems Article for the Resources gallery [link]
Thank you for providing the community with such fabulous Resources.:heart:
znow-white's avatar
My pleasure.
Happy Holidays :xmas:
Whazizname's avatar
Ultracool !!

Extra thanks for making a separate version for V4; she and miss Three have a tendency to squabble over shared clothing. *grin*

inception8-Resource's avatar
It's actually a completely different one. Made from scratch. :)
CountessHalena's avatar
Awesome Prop! Used it here: [link]
chaosgeneration's avatar
Very cool!
Thanks for sharing!
ChristopherT's avatar
wow! - another great prop - expect to see this one used a lot!!

thanks for sharing
Thanks! What a great accessory for a cool retro or steampunk look. Merry X-mas!
ShinyDelight's avatar
I really can use this. Thanks so much!
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