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Steampunk Gallon Hat SmartProp

***Brand New: Victorian Rifleman's Helm Smart Prop for Victoria 4

For Victoria 4.

Smart Prop.

Goggles not included.

3 files: PP2, custom PNG (thumb) , readme.

Click 'Download' for the zip.

Have fun. And tell 2 friends. :)

Make a donation: Donate for Poser Props
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Wow! It seems the magic hat of the great magician and hero Mandrake. I love it.:D (Big Grin) Love 
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great work, thank you :)
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as always your work is very gorgeous! :)
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Thanks so much
What a grreat gift. Thank you.
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really great! thanks!
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Uber Goggles 2.0 for Victoria 4,its not there anymore,
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thanks for such an awesome hat. I used this and the goggles on the following piece: [link]
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Wonderful hat. Thank you.
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Three cheers for Steampunk! This Steampunk hat is awesome. Thank you so much for your time, talents and generosity, Cat
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Looks great! Thanks so much for sharing! :)
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Absolutely brilliant. Is there anything else that need be said?
Oh that is too awesome! I'll give you a link-back when I submit anything using it :D

What are the restrictions, if I may ask? (commercial -for renders, non commercial.)
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As long as you use it within a full render I'm fine with whatever you do.

Okay, thanks :D

No problem =]
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Cool. Thank you for share :heart:
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