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Quiz: Jay-Z Lyric or Line From The Great Gatsby? by heatherwetzler, journal

COCAINE - Co-Co-CAINE Contest: Eric Clapton by heatherwetzler, journal

Contest: Photograph Celebration Life of Pi by heatherwetzler, journal

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Inception came out in 2010.

This group has been around for 14 years...

Mind blown. XD
Please ad, send me an invitation. I really wanna join this group.
Create a feature-length documentary that captures an amazing untold and unique American story. Subjects could be a cultural phenomena or movement, undiscovered histories, biographies, exposés, local heroes, underdog stories, top dog stories… any story really. As long as they’re fresh, original and would appeal to an American audience.…
Official Inception group? Created in 2003? How can it be?
Lana Del Rey? John Lennon? Monster Captain America Inc? In Inception-group? Really?
I'm leaving because I'm tired of people submitting artwork to this group that isn't Inception-related. It's extremely annoying.