L'ncendio Bestiary - An Overview

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L'ncendio started off as a small kennel and cattery branched off from Eagle Crest Stables. Managed under Feliciana Vargas, it slowly expanded and narrowed it's focus onto each species and breed that was brought into the facility. After marrying Geoffery Danton, heir of a larger Shedu cattery, it changed from being a small backwoods operation into something a bit more sophisticated.


Today L'ncendio is a thriving facitility that focuses on both canid and felid species, selecting specific creatures for various tasks. There are two main focuses of L'ncendio. Showing and Hunting.


Any performance done in front of an audience is considered showing at L'ncendio, and so all of our shedus are located under this focus. These cats are trained and bred for steeplechasing rather then flat racing and so obedience, agility and surefootedness are some of the main aspects we look at in our cats.

We are selective about breeding and rarely breed ourselves, choosing to rather focus on the cats we have as well as picking up cats no longer wanted from others and training them to be the best in their field.

Showline Kriges
Our Krieges are split into two factors. Showline and Workline. The showline is known for it's conformation and glossy fur, long feathers and ruffs. These are the animals that are worked in conformation within the arena, although at home they're busy working right alongside the working dogs.

These animals are less selectively bred and are generally open to public breeding.


Workline Krieges
Our workline Krieges are highly trained and worked in hunting tasks. While not taken to shows and gaining titles, these animals are worth their salt, proving their worth by bringing home exactly what they went out to get time and again.

These animals are very selectively bred. %workline and linage is taken into account and there will be few outside litters to these animals.


Our tokota's are generally not used as most are. These animals are used alongside the hunt rather than in it. They will assist our Krieges from time to time, but generally are used as steeds, or are allowed to roam a fenced area of about 20 acres and hunt in there. We are currently working on taming and domesticating our tokotas to be less aggressive and more submissive to human handling and towards other animals.
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