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Sweet, sweet Meditation

Aang happily meditation.

Blah.. the lineart is a bit messy and stupid looking, but I was really too lazy to change it and it seemed nice at the time. And the hands are a bit wonky.. sry bout that.

Done in PS8.
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he remembers me of Luffy instead of Aang, lol.

But I did liked the background, really well made.
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Yeah your right :D
BabaRudra's avatar
well done, and I really like the vest!
Chris1Superman's avatar
It's funny, I typed in meditation and was thinking of Ang for some reason when I did it, then this came up.

Crazy lol and cool picture, wish he were bald though.
vegtomato's avatar

What a great art work.

May I have your permission to use this one in my website, VegTomato, [link] , to reflect the benefit and importance of meditation? I will link back to you and credit it to you.
incaseyouart's avatar
Sure thing, go right ahead!
vegtomato's avatar
Oh, yeah!!
Thanks for the permission and support!
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everything done is really well. abit of a rough sketch and all but it's fanstatic. the only flaw I see in it is the neck being too long
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I saw this before, I love it :)
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I think it's beautiful! Great job~~
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Agh, how the hell didn't I fave this?
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Awesome! LOVE his vest. Great rendition of Aang :thumbsup:
MadPuppies's avatar
That's it. I've gone through your whole Avatar gallery – will you marry me? D-:
incaseyouart's avatar
Lol sorry but I'm taken :P I'm flattered though ^_^
Leila-Dinthalion's avatar
I really like this. His expression is so calm and serene. I really like his vest too. Great job
Rhinocio's avatar
Ahwwww, he looks so calm... I love his expression. And that vest. That is a nice vest. And lovely hands. I'm extremely jealous that you can pull off this pose -- I've yet to do it. X3 Really pretty.
Avatarded99's avatar
OMG he looks so hot! :faint: fantastic work! =D
irishgal487's avatar
I love the whole look of it, the colors and everything! It is very cool looking!
Lexian2's avatar
Nice work!
I think Aang looks a bit like Luffy from One Piece
JonaSanHaku's avatar
Rainbow-Sword's avatar
His hair looks a little bit like Harrys. but very cool^^
Friekie6's avatar
Can I take him home? :drool:
natsumi33's avatar
Beautiful!!! *O*
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