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January 17, 2015
The Seven Horcruxes by LiliaOsipova is a cleverly distributed introduction to the iconic horcruxes. You can feel atmosphere of the legendary book along with the stunning color scheme, great lighting and shading, all the while balancing the exceptional detailing in this unique allegorical still life.
Featured by TheCreativeJenn
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The Seven Horcruxes

Harry Potter: still life with Voldemort's Horcruxes

1. Marvolo Gaunt's Ring
2. Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem
3. Helga Hufflepuff's Cup
4. Tom Riddle's Diary
5. Salazar Slytherin's Locket
6. Nagini
7. Harry Potter

full size 5450x4088

p.s. And by the way it's certainly not a own design of jewels;),
I only painted all this elements, which was present in the film in a united composition, with some additions

Yay! :faint: Thank you so much for DD TheCreativeJenn ! :heart:
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this looks amazing!!
great picture!!
Awesome work but where can I download the full size (5450x4088) image?
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So very beautiful. :heart:
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Hey, I'm making a virtual art gallery as a summer computer project. You work is really awesome, and I was wondering if I could obtain your permission to use some of your art in the gallery (with credits, of course). Would that be OK?
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if this not commercial project, yes possibly. with full credit, of course :)
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Shadows strike again :D
Incantata's avatar
 Nagini's shadow :D
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Incredible! I really like it :)
jarleynygmobblepot's avatar
jarleynygmobblepot's avatar
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Really beautiful composition and a great attention to paint all over the various elements! a topic that has always a great charm in the collective.
A DD in my opinion well deserved
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Ciao Luca:) Grazie)) se dire sincero questo lavoro e una altra natura morta (quella di gandalf) - ho fatto sotto grandissimo pressione della mia figlia, che grande fan di Potter e di Gandalf. Pero lei non è stata da sola, aveva un gruppo di amici, che mi hanno detto - che non saro per loro una grande artista, se non lo faro :rofl:
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haha astuti.
La cosa positiva è dopo questi,  ora sei una grande artista :D
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vabe grande :giggle: - per loro adesso sicuramente:D
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Лилечка, все я умер Love
Полный восторг, обожаю ГП и тут такая работа! Волшебство да и только))
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Spasibo Alenushka! <3 Ja ne fan GP- no deti moi menja vdohnovili:D a vot v resultate i DD poluchila na etu rabotu, tak chto chashe ih slushat' dolgna:giggle:
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Everything is there even Harry's glasseswink ...Bunny Emoji-18 (Shower Love) [V1] 
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I could hug you right now
I see you Nagini :) Good Work.
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