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The Final Journey

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Incantata straight beautiful

Do you want to print frame and ship your art working together?

Love to speak with you sometime if possible. email info is



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Absolutely beautiful 😍 the questions and mystery this invokes is so powerful!
I transformed this into a video on Pinterest, crediting you. I’m happy to take it down if you want, but I set the link here to drive some traffic your way ❤️❤️
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this is amazing i cant wait to get where you are
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Impressive, I assume the ghost-like being are future humans or deities of some sort.
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so beautiful <33
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So powerful and beautiful. <3 It made me want to cry.
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Wow that's really pretty. I found this through Deviant Art's Twitter. :)
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I love the colors on this artwork. Well done.
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My Granny just passed away the day after Thanksgiving. Seeing this really touch my heart and shred a tear. I am very sorry for the loss of your grandmother. My prayers is to you and your family. 
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Oh, I'm so sorry that you lost your grandma.

You know, both of my grandmas died not too long ago.  My grandmother on my father's side died on September 10, 2015, and my grandmother on my mother's side died on March 1, 2016.  
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Ohh woooow ! That´s so amazing :heart:
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Beautiful, I can't stop to see it...
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that tree is madness!!!!
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Beautiful. You work is gorgeous and has so much emotional meaning behind it. Thank you for sharing your art.
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Its really beautiful
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This is so beautiful.
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