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Photomanipulation. Fantasy scene

in this tutorial "step by step" work on colour sheme, work on lighting and shading, on channels, rendering with alternative sources of light and more..
RAR archive - tutorial step by step with description and psd-file
i use italian version of PS CS5, because screenshots in italian, but description in english (of course sorry for so bad english:D )

Also thank you so much to all stock-providers for wonderful resources <3… by Eirian-stock… by pareeerica…… by hatestock…… by needanewname
midnightstouchstock.deviantart… by midnightstouchSTOCK

i hope it useful:)


 this tutorial is only the help for your creative works. Don't copy my work and don't add it as your own.

1.  credit me and link me if you use it
2. you cannot add my tutorial on other sites without my written permission and without full credit me
3. you cannot use this tutorial in commercial purposes
4. and if you do your work  no change composition, colors, details et.c. from my original art, then also you must add thumb on my original as credit

5. N.B.
a) Works, that you make with this tutorial, without significant changes cannot be add on DA and ALSO on other web-sites as an independent art without credit my tutorial, this fact will be seen as an illegal copy.
b)Works, that you make with this tutorial, without significant changes cannot be add as print and cannot use in other commercial purposes.
c) if your work fundamentally different from my original art, you send me note for discussion
© 2013 - 2021 Incantata
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youre so nice ;--;
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Amazing and thanks so much for sharing!Heart 
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Thank you sooo much for the Tutorial Love 
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my pleasure <3
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wonderful result, but in next  time you must try do different composition and if you copy my composition - you not write "inspired" in your comment, because this is copy and of course not use this commercial (points). All those things you can read in my rules
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Amazing tutorial :)
Thank you Heart  
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my pleasure, beauitiful work!<3
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lovely and very informative. A lot of work in this. Thank you so much for sharing,
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Thank you so much! :))
One day, If I was better at this field, you would be one of my teacher! :))
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This is beautiful tutorial. Thanks 4 sharing.
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thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!!!this is a really good job!!!!!!i love it
you re amazing!!!!!!thank you so much for the tutorial i really aprecciated :hug:
i love all your work, it's incredible!!!!!!good luck!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow, great work :happybounce: 
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