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Nij - Albanian Church - I RW0320

By InayatShah
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Location: Nij Azerbaijan

While travelling from Baku to Sheki along the Silk Route through the Caucuses.  A wrong turn led us to discover the ancient Caucasian Albanian church in a small village called Nij.  The most astonishing thing was that inside the church candles were lit (almost freshly lit) the doors were open, but there was no one to be found either in the Church or on its grounds.  (Thats why I was able to take this picture), because on the large wrought Iron gate to the grounds there was a large sign that said.  "NO PHOTOGRAPHY"

Some background :

Caucasian Albania has nothing to do with Albania that is located in Balkans. Caucasian Albania - is a name for the historical region of the eastern Caucasus, that existed on the territory of present-day republic of Azerbaijan (where both of its capitals were located) and partially southern Dagestan.

Caucasian Albania was populated by 26 different ethnicities. After the Caucasian Albanians were Christianized in the 4th century, parts of the population was assimilated by the Armenians while the eastern parts of Caucasian Albania were Islamized and absorbed by Iranian and subsequently Turkic peoples (modern Azerbaijanis). Small remnants of this group continue to exist independently, and are known as the Udi people.
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Classic composition, great range. you've out done yourself
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Thank you very much :-)

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This is timeless
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is very beautiful
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very very welcome
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