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Smite : Deadly Dinner Discordia

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Great everything!

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Wow! Thats amazing

oh no not baddie muffet from undertale

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Cute girl😗 How long have you been drawing this?🤔

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The deadline is about a month :)

This strongly reminds me of depictions of Muffet from Undertale.

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This piece is amazing. There's so much incredible detail in every corner of the image. Incredible!

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A maid is a mythical being that all of us have heard about, but have never seen.

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I saw one once (or thought I did) when I went camping a couple years ago. Wearing that miniskirt and lace headdress, she was dusting the trees. I thought she may have winked at me before skipping off giggling all the while, but...nah, it was just my imagination. Or I was drunk off my rocks.

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You almost got lured off by a Fae

TimelessHalls's avatar

A Fae with a featherduster? I find that dubious. Surely she'd use something more lethal! A vacuum cleaner, at least.

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