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Here are some simple rules to follow when using my stock.

:bulletred: Please do not redistribute or make minor changes and claim it as your own.
:bulletred: Please do not make stock from my stock.
:bulletred: Your manipulations of my stock photographs are not allowed to be submitted to any of the photography categories.
:bulletred: Credit me with a link back to the stock you used or to this account.  
:bulletred: Please leave a link for me, as I love to see the results of your work.
:bulletred: Use outside of DA is allowed but please still credit me and  send me a link to your work.
:bulletred: Prints of your art work that includes my stock are allowed.

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sdiggman's avatar
Thank you  Brenda
DJMadameNoir's avatar
hello! Can i use an image of yours for a manipulation that could become a book cover?
FlyingCarParts's avatar
Hey, I uploaded a song I made on my soundcloud and I used a cropped version of BG 46 as a picture cover. I hope this is fine.
I don't intend to make it an official single or album cover or anything, I just wanted to give it a small picture association.
Thank you for this wonderful background.
ChezCLM's avatar
Hi, i'm intending to use one of your Key stock for a book cover. I hope it's fine ;) i will show you the result when finished. Thank you :)
star1488's avatar
For commercial use, you can create book cover? =)
I need to use this image for a tutorial that may be submitted to the official Adobe website. I was wondering is it ok if I use it if I credit you. 
Timeship's avatar
Note: Love your work, but ... the problem with crediting any stock provider in book covers or magazine illustrations is impossible for two reasons: 1. The publishers have no space to credit all the stock providers (sometimes an illustration has 10 or more stock elements!), and 2. The publishers credit only the illustrator--not the stock providers. Please have that in mind when you allow 'commercial license' to illustrators. All we can do is send a final copy for your records and/or some monetary recompense, if any is offered to the illustrator at all! ;-)
UnderlandDigital's avatar
Hi there! Can you please tell me your rules regarding commercial use? :) thank you!
DigitalDreams-Art's avatar
Commercial use? book covers?
CD-STOCK's avatar
what is about commercial use? For example in a photomanipulation for a CD cover?
brittonshay's avatar
Hello, what are your rules regarding commercial use (book covers)?
LordMewt's avatar
Thank you.  I will be using some of your stock for homework assignments this quarter.  As I use them I will provide you a link to the final render and will of course give you full credit.
theheek's avatar

ok I just wanted to make sure its ok to use it to create a project so I can build a graphic design portfolio

I will credit of course I just want to make sure

Thank you, this is so awesome and would be a perfect addition in a composite I am hoping to create in the near future. I will gladly credit you and provide a link when it is done.
Thank you, I will be using the crystal stock in a composite I will be creating and will post a link when it is finished. Thank you
fineartbyandrewdavid's avatar
do you allow your stock to form part of a premade background
areemus's avatar
can be use commercially...like book covers?
Inadesign-Stock's avatar
What are you intending to use, are you going to change it?
areemus's avatar
Inadesign-Stock's avatar
Yes, that will be fine ... wonderful covers btw.
areemus's avatar
Awww.....Thank you soo very much my dear!
FridayMaria's avatar
Can I add text to your stock?
MommaNyx's avatar
Hello used your stock on this piece [link]
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