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Artist // Professional // Traditional Art
  • Nov 22, 1986
  • Austria
  • Deviant for 15 years
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My name is Ina and I'm an artist, based in vienna, Austria. I have a mission - artistically as well as in general.

This mission or my true will is to help with spiritual journeys and awakening in every way I can. My art should provide a gateway to different realms, currents or steps on the path and I'm happy to explain at any time.

Every person should discover their own truth and cosmic view, I would never preach my path is the right one for anyone but me. However there are fixed universal laws, defined steps and a general symbolic code we all experience in a similar context. That makes it possible to talk about initiation, awakening and gnosticism in a way that can help others. No piece of art (literary or artistic) could ever explain what I mean - but personal experience will.

Nothing would make me more happy then to inspire you to do some pathwork and discover your own great opus!

I just finished the great arcana and will work further on a whole Tarot Set.

I am happy about critiques, comments and philosophical discussions at any time.

My art is avaiable as fine art print - just contact me by note or visit my

I'm excited to announce 🥳: The Conjunction Tarot Kickstarter campaign will start in early 2024. If you haven't already, sign up to the newsletter to be updated about the progress. Also, you'll receive all early bird offers- > If you have questions please ask.
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Like with the symbol of the ouroboros, every end leads to the beginning. So I'm drawing the first card again to finish the Conjunction Tarot deck. Back at The Magus again - one of my favorite cards. Tell me - what do you like about The Magus and why is it special to you? #themagustarot #magier #magiertarot #magustarot #ouroborus #conjunctiontarot #majorarcana
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The Eight of Wand Tarot card is finished 🎉🥂🍾🥳 This is the last card of the Conjunction Tarot deck SIGN up for the newsletter to be informed about the release date and the special edition 🥰 #eightofwands #workinprogress #occultart #drawing #art #artinprogress #viennaartist #artist #surrealism #gnostic #gothic #divination #oracle #darktarot #darkart #magick #tarotdecks #tarotcommunity #darksurrealism #sacredgeometry
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wow after all these years you're still here XD

And I hope i still will be heare in all the years to come :-)

i see you kept your style. that's consistency right there!

i woulnd't be able to do it. gotta keep evolving, trying new stuff.

i blame adhd XD

in the past year ive been mixing actual paintings with AI and im getting interesting results

Well I know what you mean. It is really difficult to stay in one style, but I owe it to the project to keep it that way right now. Three more cards to go then I'm finished and can focus on different art approaches too 😊

Thank you so very much! :-)

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