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ROM: SlimKat
Launcher: Apex Launcher

:bulletblack: Wallpaper: [Link] (resized and cropped)
:bulletblack: Clock & Date: UCCW skin created by me based on Dresses by ~maKrop (Download HERE)
:bulletblack: Slider: Dotted Arrow WidgetLocker Theme by FFra

:bulletblack: Wallpaper: Custom WP created by me [Link] (Download original image HERE)
:bulletblack: Clock, Date & Weather: 'Slim Info Bar 2' UCCW skin created by me
:bulletblack: Icons: Lucent Icons by vanessaem

:bulletblack: Screen DPI is 360
:bulletblack: Lockscreen grid is 10x7 , Homescreen grid is 9x5 (no margin, non-scrolling single screen WP)
:bulletblack: Lockscreen clock widget settings:  Shape [color - ffa5e0, alpha 30] , Text [color - ffffff, no effects, alpha 90]
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Awesome work ! Love it :)
Drobox  Error (500)
can you upload the .uzip
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That's an issue with Dropbox that I can't control.  They will eventually fix this though.
How'd you make that notification bar invisible and with other icons?

and furthermore, I am having trouble centering my slider, any tips on this? first "customization" ever :) thank you!!
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The transparent notification bar is part of Android 4.4 (Kitkat).  As for centering the slider, try to resize it. ;)
yeah, i had luck with that :)

android 4.4 kitkat... im not sure what that is.

im running revolution hd android, with apex launcher aswell.... so i wont be able to make it transparent:( ?
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Android 4.4 is the latest version of Android.  If your ROM is not based on 4.4 (or higher) then that feature will not work.

To find out your Android version go to Settings -> About Phone -> Android Version
Im running android 4.4, i just checked. But what do i do from here? have you got a link to a guide or something? ive been searching and searching, maybe im blind, but cant find it :( thanks alot in advance, appreciate it!
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In Apex Launcher settings its Homescreen settings -> Transparent notification bar.  For Widgetlocker it's Look & Feel -> Transparent Notification Bar.
Oh, I thought there was some kinda magic trick. I know these settings, Ive checked both. But its not completely transparent. :(

The only thing I need to have it exactly like you designed. Im stuck :(…
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That's pretty close.  I'm going to have to say it's the ROM you're using that causing the statusbar to look like that.
Oh and the custom icons too, in the notification bar :|
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Beautiful setup, btw is SlimKat stable ROM and what about features, how many of them have been ported to KitKat from previous versions? I'm running CM11 now with GravityBox for customization and I thought about trying SlimKat ROM :)
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Thanks for the compliment.  SlimKat is currently in beta, so there isn't much that has been ported just yet from the previous versions.  Customizing the navbar, statusbar and some tweak to the notification drawer are the only features I can think of that have been ported.  I'm using this now because the OTA service will check for updates and I've been a fan of the minimal amount of resources used by the ROM.  I'm not too familiar with GravityBox, but it sounds like you can customize a bit more than the SlimKat beta.  Hope that helps :)
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Thank you very much for the info, I'm big fan of the min. amount of resources used by the ROM too, so I will try it and see if it's better than Xposed modules :)
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Thanks for the feature and :+fav: :peace:
One question pls.How did you made the LS widget transparent as i have only the white one?.Is there any option in uccw app?.Thanks in advance.
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Yes, there's an option in UCCW to change the settings.  Go to 'Edit Objects' and select 'Shape 1'.  Change the color to ffa5e0 and alpha to 30%.  As the text, it's 90% alpha and ffffff color.
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