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I am a stamp artist. I also look forward to submit original art here. My other account has irken art, if you manage to find it, or figure it out good for you. This is for slightly better work and stamps.

If you feel I am harassing you or being a troll, I am doing no such thing.
I really am trying to knock some sense into younger deviants who act inappropriately, or those who can't own up to their own faults and bullshit. If you think that's trolling, or harassment you are sorely mistaken.

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Photoshop CS5 and Paint Tool SAI.
Other Interests
Bullshitting on the internet.
Hi, I'm In-The-Zone. So I decided to make a journal because I've been getting a lot of messages about certain things. In addition to this I want to clarify who I am and what is happening with this account. Changing my mind: One type of message that happens frequently is people saying they don't agree with certain stamps which is cool, people can disagree. But I noticed people being like "Let people do what they want" in regards to ships/self-inserts/mary sues etc. I'm here to let you know that I agree with that. I think people should draw/write whatever the fuck they want to their hearts content. What's happening with this account: I want
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Every week.

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Every week I get at least one or two people dropping names in regards to their stupid internet arguments. "Blah blah blah is an asshole! This is what they did: x y z" What makes you think coming to my stamps to unload your dirty laundry is necessary? This is going to have to be a new stamp altogether. This journal isn't spawning from only a recent incident. It's coming from a constant need to tell people to please stop showing me an icon or username of someone who is bothering you. All I can suggest is to not air your drama out because people on the internet don't want to hear it. Sure there will be a few people interested in juicy gossip,
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About Blocking.

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Blocking is not recommended if you just block people that disagree with you. It's okay to block someone if you've known them before and you don't want to associate with them. When you block, it means "Don't talk to me" and sends that clear message. However, if you abuse the block feature you have a serious problem, lol. ohey here's an example:
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I was reading your description on your anti-blocking stamp. I have a suggestion for a good reason to block an account: the person has deactivated one's account and forgot to un-watch you.
Thank you for the fav!
i love your stamps omg
Oh waaaait...
I remember you from somewhere, I think back on my oldest account, I just don't remember when, really....
I don't remember you, though. Was it from any of my stamps I've made?
No, no..
It was on my first account here.
You may remember me.. Invader-Alexis or Invader-Alexis2?
That was way back when, but I swear I remember you from somewhere back then..