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Looong time no see, guys.
Don't ask me why, but I was really neglecting this site...(and my notifications are so full 17,000+ @_@)
But guess what, it's time to get back in gear so I try to start posting again here...hopefully ^^"

(In case I don't hold up to it, You can still get my stuff on GoComics, Tapas and Webtoons. Just as a friendly reminder ;) )
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...well...kinda XD
We reached 5000 subs on Webtoons, wohoo!!!…
Wohoo! by In-Security

I know, compared to other comics which have thousands and thousands of subs this is still a small achievement...but to me it feels like the world :D
This comic is so dear to me and I was so scared people wouldn't like it, seeing the readerships grow sure feels nice to me :)
There is still room for improvement in art and writing but, although this comic is one year old now, I still consider myself a bit of a noob and I will continue to work hard. 
Thanks for all your support, likes, shares and subs. 
You're a great help :D
OMG, someone purchased a core membership for me! 
Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] 
Thank you, Anonymous Deviant. Although I don't know who you are, I really appreciate your gift. Thanks a lot Yayoi Takatsuki + Mami Futami Emote - Glomp/Hug
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Wohoo! I’ve got News for you :D
‘in SECURITY’ starts now also on Tapas and on WebToon. 

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For now only as reruns but if the comic is well received there I will let it run parallel to the original run on GoComics :)
What will changed? Not really much. Except that I reformatted the comic into a larger and more mobile phone friendly format. Also instead of one strip daily I will publish several daily strips combined into one episode every Monday. :)
If you have an account on either platform and enjoy my work (and want to help me spread the word), please feel free to subscribe to ‘in SECURITY’ right here: 
I hope you enjoy the new format and I wish you a great start into the week :D
But first, I would like to clarify something.
As you may or may not know, I’m a rather short person (5.1ft), married to a tall dude. Therefore it might not be a big surprise to tell you that ‘in SECURITY’ is indeed an autobiographic comic and Sedine is basically me. Everything in this comic has totally happened to me. EVERYTHING!
Nah, just kidding :P
I do admit that there are some parallels between me and Sedine. But so are there parallels between me and all the other main characters (I guess every author puts a part of themselves into their creation, right?)
If I would draw a comic about my daily would bore the hell out of you. So I’d rather stay with fiction P:

Anyway, here a sneak peek what will await you in the next three-four months :D
Sedine will still be silly, bratty and playful, but I tried to tone down her jealousy and bitchiness a bit.

I hope you are looking forward for what’s coming and I hope you’ll enjoy it ^-^
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You can read my comic daily, Mon-Sat, on GoComic:
Or like me on Facebook :3 :
Good morning, it’s January 2nd and I finally can let the cat out of the bag!!! :D
Today my comic strip ‘in SECURITY’ debuts on Yay!!! ^0^
Go-Comics by In-Security

GoComics is a big, if not even the biggest, online syndicate for comic strips in the US. Aside of classic strips like Garfield or Peanuts, they also offer a wide variety of modern webcomics.
And the best part: you can sign up and read them for FREE!!! (unless you want to get an ad-free Pro-account ^^)

I’m very happy and honored that I’ve got the opportunity to publish my work there for the next year (and hopefully beyond).
Wish me good luck and I hope you’ll enjoy my work :)

Here's the direct link to the comic :)
Happy third Sunday of Advent :)
Today I show you a sketch which wasn't done by me. It's a quick design my husband made, Sedine in a Christmas Elf-costume. You can read about that story Christmas 2017 (OMG, that sounds like an eternity away from now! ;A;)
Although it's still a year away, I found that sketch just too adorable to hide it. I mean...look at that angry little face XD 
I can't wait to translate this idea into my artstyle ^^

Merry Christmas

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Hey guys,
It's less than a month until my comic strip 'in SECURITY' starts, finally. Wohoo!!! I'm really excited (and scared to death) about that :D
I created a new Facebook page where I will share further details about the comic itself and it's characters. My old page will stay active a while longer as well. But from New Years onwards, the time when the comic official starts, I will start slowing down my Atras page and concentrate more on the new page.
I feel a bit silly talking like this, but believe me, 'in SECURITY' is really a big deal for me and I try my best to present it as good as possible :3
Anyway, here is the link to the new Facebook-page:
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U!…Arrow Bullet Left (Red Orange) - F2U! 
Would be great if you like me there Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Huggy heart) [V6] 

Hey ho

Isn't it funny how you sometimes start with something and in the end it morphs into something total different? That's how I feel about my OC Sedine.
She is the oldest OC I have. If I remember correct, I created her in 2010 on one of my first trips to the US. Back then she looked like this:

Seinde Old by In-Security

Well, you see it’s like a total different character compared to what she looks like nowadays. And believe me. In between there were way more than just one design-stop:

Sedine 4 by In-Security

I can’t pin point when exactly I decided to change her design and her character. But I can somewhat recall why I did it.

First of all, when I came up with her I didn’t really know what I was doing. I just threw together some cool elements and out of that mood she arrises. However, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with her. Eventually I settled on that she was just my mascot...but that wasn’t very satisfying either.
As much as I liked her, I didn’t really enjoy drawing her by one point...

One day I decided to remove her wings and ears and turned Sedine into a human. On top of that, and to ensure she could still wear her bat-zipper outfit, I gave her a new occupation....a showgirl. Wohoo!!!

Showgirl by In-Security

I think that was the point where I saw some sort of a story coming together. I started to give her sidekick Sam a purpose to be with the broke assistant who had to babysit the spoiled show diva.

Sam sketch by In-SecurityUntitled by In-SecurityUntitled by In-SecurityScan-150104-0001 by In-Security

well, that story didn’t stuck in my mind for too long. Eventually I started toning down Sedine a bit (she was way too abusive and bitchy) and gave her a bit more gentle way to behave. A lot of revisions followed, I dropped the showgirl idea and instead created a one sided love story between a gal and a guy out of it.

Scan-150811-0002 by In-Security

That’s were it stopped...I thought....until I started planning out the comic strip idea and revision were needed...again.

The problem with the one sided love story idea was, these kind of stories have only a limited lifespan. I mean, an audience wants to see some progress eventually. That wouldn’t work for a strip, which is meant to run daily for who knows how long.

Well, therefore their little tragic love drama turned into a full blown urban comedy romance.


Final by In-Security

That's where we at right now :)

It’s fascinating to recall that whole development progress. 
I think it not only shows how Sedine as character evolved, but also how I as a person and an artist grew. How unfocused and planless I was most of the time, until I learned how to plan out and set up things. But also how my interests and tastes have changed over the time. When I was younger I was totally into the fantasy and adventure genre. Although I still enjoy it here and there, I discovered my love for uplifting and home based romance comedy.

It may sound trashy but seeing Sedine evolve and change over the past six years is like reading an old travel log. And I’m not regretting any of those stops until this very moment...

...However, I hope That’s about it with the revisions and changes of Sedine tho. XD

…but sometimes it’s not up to you to decide that :)

DA journal1 by In-Security
I’m not really that blogger-type, because I don’t really know what to write most of the time.  However, I might as well use this journal to tell you about my art project, if you’re interested :)

Still two more months until the launch of my comic strip ‘in SECURITY’ and… well, I’m still working on it. XD

It’s a big deal for me, although it’s not my first comic.
I think the last comic I drew was a One Piece-Frobin fancomic back in 2008? ....brrr.  You may be able to find it somewhere online....but if not, you didn’t miss anything.  I’m not proud of it, although it was kinda fun back then :)

Well, I experienced how difficult and how time consuming it was to draw a comic... and how little the reward could be. Therefore, after my One Piece comic, I decided to give up on drawing comics.  Secretly I was still dreaming of doing one again.  But it was like dreams such as “what would I do if I become a Millionaire?”

I never gave up on drawing itself, don’t get me wrong. Drawing was a part of my life ever since I was a child. To give that up would be like giving up breathing.
So I was concentrating on another way to build an art career for the past years...

I discovered the joy of doodling into sketchbooks.
 Having characters doing all sorts of things, posing, cooking, playing around and so on.  Soon I started to re-develop my OCs Sam and Sedine, thinking up little scenarios between them, etc.  Barely any finished artwork came out of those doodle sessions, but I enjoyed doing it anyway.

DA journal2 by In-Security
DA journal2-2 by In-Security
A few people asked me if I plan to do a comic with my two characters thru out 2014-15, but I knew I would never do so.  After all, my OC were a side project and I could not come up with the time nor a proper story to start making a comic.

It was my husband who changed my attitude.  In 2015, when his cat of 12 years passed away, he got so sad and drunk.  I don’t know what was speaking in him, but on that day he told me that he wanted to draw a comic strip with my characters.  Well... I thought he was just babbling and didn’t really mean it. 
Weeks later he convinced me of the comic strip idea, and we mapped out 20 strips, which were meant to be published as a little book and become part of my portfolio. Nothing more, nothing less. 
However, we both discovered how much fun it was to write and draw in the comic strip format. So we started playing with the idea of continuing it beyond 20 strips.

DA journal3 by In-SecurityDA journal3-2 by In-Security
We researched the market for comic strips, options of publishing, and developed the project to make it more attractive to a wider audience and make it possible to keep it going for years and years to come.  We polished the characters, writing, art and throughout spring/summer we pitched it around within the US. 
Well… sadly we couldn’t get it into print.  BUMMER!!!

But our enthusiasm was still alive and we are still hot’n heavy to make this strip. Oorah!!!

Although we have a good amount paper and ink from previous projects, and the writing is set for at least two years (roughly 600 strips) + another two years are roughly outlined, it’s still an uphill battle. Time-wise and financially.

DA journal4 by In-Security
However, I’m very happy seeing this project come together and I’m thankful having such great support on my side.   Although it’s questionable if we will get the needed audience and funding to keep doing this project, I will do my best no matter what!

Two more months to go...and I’m equally scared and excited. ^___^”

You know, there is a a good reason I choose my username ‘in-security’ for Deviantart.

On the one side, I wanted to get rid of my old account and my old username (it was just time to move on from that old image of mine ^^). Well, using my real name wouldn’t be so good. 'BeaR' is most likely already given on DA.

So I choose the title of the comic strip I’m working on: ‘in SECURITY’. After all, nearly everything I upload here is related to it. So, perfect :D’s funny. My husband choose that name for this project about a year ago, when we started working on it. It has it’s origin in the occupation of one of the lead characters (being a security guard), being in safe hands (in safety/security) and of course the word ‘insecurity’ itself (most characters, if not all of them, have their own little troubles with it ^^”).

Back then as of today I still think the title is genius and I love the hell out of it.

What’s so funny about (or rather sad I should say), the title does not only fit my comic strip perfectly. It also fit’s me as a person and as an artist.

Although I try to be brave and full of self-esteem, by the end of the day I’m usually filled with self doubt. 

Am I good enough? Am I doing the right thing? Is the art good enough? Is the story/writing original enough and are the characters appealing?

And most of, will people even care? Will it be ignored, praised or ripped to shreds?

It’s still about 10 weeks until the official launch of the strip. And while I’m excited to see it being published after over a year of prep-work....I’m also scared to death it will fail big time.

The real strange thing is, I see my work, I’m aware of my current skill level and how I can improve furthermore. So I'm really not fishing for praise and compliments in that matter.
But the self doubt still sits deep in my mind and won’t leave.

I really wonder how other artists deal with this kind of feeling. After all, I can’t be the only one who thinks that way...right? :/