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Male sub here hoping to find a dominant female (or anyone with that type of character) to RP with. Likes and dislikes on my profile, along with some prompts. Note me if interested. 18+ only.
Hi everyone! I'm a girl from Romania, would be happy to chat with people who likes tight bondage and mummification as much as I do
Looking for a Male Dom for Male SubHey there, currently looking for someone who may be interested in playing the part of a dominating male for a submissive male character. What kind of plots I'm into: Ransom/HostageEither my character is the son of a wealthy company owner or a police chief, which makes them a target for a ransom. Otherwise he could have just accidentally witnessed something whilst working on duty, being somewhere he shouldn't be, or gets caught up during a robbery attempt. Either way, my character will find himself in a desperate situation. Depending on the situation, the characters could have some quiet moments where they talk about their hardships, backstory, whatever events lead up to this point, which may open to possible bromance, or something else. Maybe the Dom could have tried to ignore his urges but ultimately ends up giving in, or if it's a group of kidnappers, there's always that one a-h*** who decides to 'break the rules'. Lol. SlaveMy sub could just be targeted by an organisation that targets good looking guys to sell them to scumbag people, or the lonely wealthy person. The sub would either just be getting on with his day or thinking he's about to get a big opportunity handed to him, or be attending some kind of party, before being knocked out and taken to an unknown location where he's being sold to a stranger for thousands. He's then forced to work at the buyers place whilst also having to be his personal pleasure slave. Depending how you want the Dom to be, he can be one of those manipulative guys who slowly tries to break my sub's spirit or make him feel totally isolated to the point he needs the Dom most, or gradually gets used to his new life, otherwise be harsher. Depends how you wanna go with it. Of course my subs aren't going to give in too quickly and will most likely attempt several escapes or try to fight back before eventually giving in. Creepy DomThe Dom could just be a creep who's got a thing for cute guys and decides to make his fantasy come true. He might be someone who the sub already knows, like a boss, coach, professor, neighbour, bully, or friend even. This person will set up a trap for his victim and ensure that my sub is kept in a quiet place where no one will hear him. My poor sub will be forced to endure whatever the creep has install for him. Likes and interests: I do love lots of BDSM, lots of restraints and gags. Restraints depending on the situation can go from light to heavy, or if you wanna dive right into it, go to heavy. I will say my least favourite restraint is cuffs and zip-ties since I just feel they're too easy. I don't mind them for a small amount of time, but yeah, I'm more into the heavier stuff like ropes and leather. I don't mind tape either, in fact I like the use of very sticky tape like the gorilla tape. As for gags, I'm pretty much okay of any, but my current favourite is either the ball gag, ring or stuffed. Collars and other body restraints are good, also having restraint furniture is great as well, like one of those chairs that looks like a dentist one or one of those large mats that sucks up the air, pinning the sub, unable to move his body whilst trapped. I also find chloroform, sedatives or anything to help stimulate the body interesting, like maybe using a gel or oil that can mess with their hormones or sometimes use chloroform to calm the sub down a bit if they are getting too aggressive or just needs some time out to allow the Dom to change restraints. As a method of torture, I do love the orgasm denial, over stimulation, edging ones where my poor sub is completely immobile and can't do anything whilst either being played with my the Dom or having devices attached to him. The point is to slowly break him down or tire him out, making it easier for him to give in or no longer have the energy to fight. There can be some body teasing and groping. As for punishments, it's entirely up to your dom. Dislikes: Hypnosis, limb removals, castrations, vore, too much foot fetishes, minors. OtherAll characters must be 18+ years of age. I don't have discord, I only use Notes. Please do not use Chat as for some reason it takes forever to load. Please be patient as sometimes I may be away due to work or other things. When RPing, please avoid taking over my character's actions. In the past I've had role-players suddenly take control of my characters and it honestly just ruins the whole thing. Just stick to your own characters. I like to use 3rd person and paragraphs and good writing. Not this: Mike: *hits the wall* "what up!" BS, it's just lazy....
thank you very much for the add
sorry to ask but I'm a little bit lost ... is this group still active ?
I would like to post my fetish pictures without getting the expire message.
thanks to anyone who will reply to my message and help me !

photo series 291-01 DL by ilovefrenchgirls  
Looking for either a male Dom for a male sub.
Or a Female Dom for a female sub.

One of my other options is a Dom (any gender) for a male and female pair of twins.
Anyone up for an RP. 

Looking for either a Male Dom for a MxM or Female Dom for a FxF RP.  

Please note me.