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Please read the rules!

::HOW TO JOIN!~:: :iconilikeitplz:

1.) just click join button and you will be automatically accepted.

We have tribes list for future events and mini events. If you were a previous member, you can find your name here:::

We have:
[Hylian] [Hylian part 2] [Kokiri] [Goron] [Zora] [Deku] [Sheikah] [Fairies] [Keatons] [Gerudo] [Rito] [Poe] [Minish] [Korok] [Twili] [Skull Kid]
We need this to add you on our lists. Is important to future Contests/Mini Events

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::Submit:: :iconexplodelaplz:

1) This isn't a general Zelda Group, it's a Link lover's Group. Your picture must include Link as the main focus. If you deviation don't include Link, it will be declined.

2) We only want to submit what you believe is the best of your abilities.
Keep in mind putting artwork in Featured folder will be strict and for your own RISK!

*any medium

*No copies of other artists work especially COPYRIGHTED OR COPIED SCREENSHOTS. If you copied another artist, YOU HAVE TO GIVE CREDIT TO THEM!~~ NO STEALING!

*Screenshots acceptable.

*banners/wallpapers acceptable

*cosplays acceptable

*animation/avatars/stamps acceptable

*line arts are acceptable

*crop properly, no crumbled paper please.

*Colored is welcomed!</b> :)

3) For share your Art, we have our gallery open to your submits and we created folders:

Ocarina of Time Link
Twilight Princess Link
Toon Link/Other Links
Dark Link
Skyward Sword Link
Majora's Mask Link

^[Please, choose the correct folder]^. If you don't follow this your deviation will be declined.

4) Now is more easy to contribute to the group:

A- Go to the folder of the Hero that you want to submit.

B- Press [+ contribute to this folder]

C- Select your drawing and press OK

5) IMPORTANT: We'll accept only **2 submissions a day per member**. When passing the next day, you can send another 2 deviations.

**Pictures are to stay PG-13. Coupling is allowed, just no nudity that shows everything** @_@!

Poetry and Fanfics are allowed as well. No explicit scenes.

I believe that is all. So send in your work! :orange:



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If you love Link and likes a lot The Legend of Zelda series, please join us... and share with other fans your passion for Link, the Hero.
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Fan Club

2,547 Members
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Link's Awakening Tal Tal Heights by Laine-O

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Link BOTW Estrangula a Revali XD by reymondrasupremo

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BOTW Zelda And Link Kiss by reymondrasupremo

Mature Content

Zelda y Link BOTW 2 En Apuros by reymondrasupremo
Twilight Princess Link
Somewhere Cover 2 by Freiha
Spirit Spring by Solar-Symphony
Linksie by Solar-Symphony
Midna cute by oMariLinko
Ocarina of Time
Link heart by oMariLinko
OOT x MM - Adult Link by Kaikkei
OOT x MM Link by Kaikkei
Heros of time by oMariLinko
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Link by ShyLittleLily
Link by ShyLittleLily
Wind Waker - Link and Zelda by Kaikkei
Four Swords Adventures: Unfairly Unplayable by MariiBoops
Dark Link
Took you long enough, Hero of Time by Sukino-sakura
Dark Love Under The Blood Moon by Sukino-sakura
Welcome to hell, Hero~ by Sukino-sakura
A sickening pleasure by Sukino-sakura
Link's Awakening - Legend of Zelda Cosplay by Carancerth
Link cosplay (Breath of the Wild) - 1 by Morgawze
Link and Zelda cosplays (Breath of the Wild, BOTW) by Morgawze
The Royal by Starlightpharah
Skyward Sword Link
Zelda by Enyell
In order no. 8 by pizza-tron-2010
Skyward Sword Link request by pizza-tron-2010
SS Link by Kawaii-Chan203
Hyrule Warriors
Hyrule Warrior by MargaretBonura
Link take a break. by Ilora24
Hyrule Warriors - Unfinished Link by xFennek
Link and Ilia Romance by TimpossibleXXI
Majora's Mask Link
[2020] Deity Link by Jasmineteax
Link and skullkid tickling by oMariLinko
Zelda - Battle of Majora by cfowler7-SFM
Masks by Kaikkei
Other, Misc., Random Links
Invading Hyrule Castle by Freiha
Linked by Fate Zine by Freiha
Better looks by BrunoBlackened2112
Now I shall give Smash despair... or so I hoped,Hero, Samus and Richter were overthrown by Galeem. The Lord of Light had already knocked out King K. Rool, Bowser Jr. and Pikachu, but the rest remained to be finished: Mario, Rosalina, Zelda, Mewtwo, Shulk, Inkling, Cloud, Sonic, Banjo and Kazooie. He started to charge energy to shoot his pulverizing light beams, but the sound of a blade was heard and the charge stopped, leaving the Smashers surprised.Suddenly, Galeem got dark, split in half and started turning to dust along with his army of Master Hands. The fighters spotted a dark figure behind the defeated enemy, in the sky.—Sephirot?—said Cloud, incredulous. Galeem totally evaporated and the group could see better. Sephirot, Cloud's archenemy, had descended for battle.—I've been waiting for this moment—spoke him, raising his right hand and making the sky become dark. —Now I shall give Smash despair.Other competitors, like Snake, Corrin, Chrom, Terry, Sheik, Captain Falcon, Marth, Incineroar, Dark Pit, Ike, Megaman, Greninja and Bayonetta, arrived to see the strength of the newcomer. They all tried to hit Sephirot, but were retaliated by the immense Masamune he brandished with impressive dexterity.—No, wait!—Cloud requested.—Pathetic—Sephirot mocked, after taking a minor damage caused by Terry and Chrom, the only ones who could hit him. A black angel wing appeared on his back and he threw a Mega Flare on his opponents, hitting whoever had been caught by the explosion. Greninja and Bayonetta emerged from the smoke to try an attack, but failed.Sephirot flew very fast to hit Mario, but someone was faster: a pink figure stood between the plumber and the angel and grabbed, with bare hands, the Masamune.—Don't you dare!—said the figure, looking fiercely to Sephirot.—Princess!—Mario could exclaim.—Look out, Peach!—warned Zelda.Link, Young Link, Toon Link, Zero and Alucard, Peach's brothers of consideration, arrived, with weapons in hand, to help her, while she still held the blade and struggled to not be stabbed by it. A long and dark arm came out of the regent's body and punched Sephirot's belly, which was thrown away. The enemy regained his balance still in the air and fell on his feet.—Is he your relative?—asked Link to Alucard, pointing to Sephirot.—Never even saw—answered, bored.—Are you sure?—Link insisted, chuckling.—I am—stated the vampire, slightly irritated.—Now it's getting interesting—said the One-Winged Angel. —You look a little stronger than them—pointed to the knocked out and weakened Smashers. —Princess Peach, right?—Yes—confirmed her, unfriendly, unraveling Exor. —And who are you?—Interesting blade—commented. —My name is Sephirot. Come, face me!Cloud joined the Links, Zero and Alucard to pay attention. Like them, he couldn't move to interfere in the fight, despite being his archenemy. He felt that Sephirot had messed with someone he shouldn't have.—Who is he, Cloud?—asked Zero.—Sephirot. An old enemy, very powerful—replied.—Very powerful how much?—inquired Alucard.—Much more than Galeem, it seems.—More than the Shadow Queen?—Link asked.—... Perhaps as much as.Sparks flew from Exor and Masamune's blades as Peach and Sephirot duelled, alternating, very fast, between attack, defense and counter attack. At a certain moment, the swordsman was faster and punctured her belly.—NOOO!—Cloud and Mario shouted together. Realizing the first one wanted to advance in Sephirot, Link held him by the shoulder and said:—Calm down, this is no tragedy. Wait and see.Peach gave a little mocking smile. Again, a long and dark arm came out of the princess' body to punch the angel, but this time he dodged, leaving the sword pierced through her body. The arm removed the sword and threw it on the owner, who caught it without difficult. A pink barrier wrapped Peach, restored the internal organs and closed the wound. There was no scar.—Hmm... a regenerator—concluded Sephirot.—Amazing!—Cloud said, astonished.—Our little sister is a regenerator—told Alucard to Cloud. —Believe me, we already tried to destroy her body by every possible method and we couldn't. She regenerates herself even from dust or ashes if she wants to.—Shadow Queen got furious with us!—remembered Toon Link, laughing, making Young Link laugh too. —She threatened to kill us because she didn't want us to spoil her vessel.—What is this inside of you?—Sephirot asked to Peach. “Is that why I can't read her mind?”, he thought. “There is something very powerful inside this woman. I can't read the minds of those five either”, he looked to the Links, Zero and Alucard. “In that case...”.—What are you looking at, you big vulture?—joked Young Link. Sephirot covered himself with his wing and started to shine. Instants later, he changed his shape to Safer Sephirot and conjured:—Supernova.—Oh no!—Cloud regretted.“Use the Dark Prognosticus”, advised Shadow Queen to Peach. She agreed and conjured up a black book, which opened and turned the pages until it reached the center. A black hole came out of it, fixed itself in the sky and begun to expand non-stop. An earthquake began and alarmed all the spectators.—We are going to die!—Banjo panicked. Kazooie hid in her backpack, fearful.—How… how did you get this book?—Mario questioned, recognizing the object.—It's hers, she wrote it—replied Peach, referring to the Shadow Queen, making the plumber's chin fall off. —By the way—continued, now in the queen's spectral voice—those two Pits in Flipside and Flopside are mine too. Later I'll tell you about all the legacy I left before being arrested in the Palace of Shadow.In an instant, the black hole generated by the book covered the whole sky and the horizon, until it was immeasurably larger than the Earth. Sephirot's Supernova was approaching the planet and threatened to disintegrate it. However, the vacuum swallowed the explosion and the two disappeared. Everything was calm and silent again.The One-Winged Angel started to get angry with the princess. He hoped to terrorize everyone, especially Cloud, his archenemy, but he didn't expected to find someone with so much strength. He returned to his human form, calmed down and gave a debauched smile.—You know what? Culex was harder than you—Peach stated to Sephirot, but he didn’t sketched out a reaction. He knew she was trying to provoke him for trying to kill Mario.—Are your "brothers" as strong as you are?—he asked, curious.—Wanna try?—asked Zero, provocative, drawing the Lotus Saber and walking to where Peach was. The others also started to walk next to the princess. Link carrying the Royal Claymore, Young Link taking the Fierce Deity’s Mask, Toon Link with the Phantom Hourglass in hand and Alucard carrying his mother’s sword and another one he didn't even needed to draw to cut someone. They forgot Cloud. The other Smashers got expectative with the new round that was about to come. Now the snake was going to smoke.
All contest entries
Come With Me by kiki-isbeing-purples
Link s New Outfit Contest

Mature Content

Quand Link redevient humain by Ilora24
All Contest Prizes
Hello fellows!

A new game appears, maybe it looks like a Dinasty Warriors dressed as Zelda.
Is a pretty nice spin-off with a not-complex history, but have a lot to little things to do.
Is for the people that want to play with Zelda herself, Midna, Impa and fellows.

For me, the graphics are cool but the costumes that come as DLC looks so fake, change the imagen of the game when you use them. It's like they were not there.
Also the cinema don't change the character for the one with the costume, maybe it was so much for a spin-off but, I think it would look better.

Well if you have it, enjoy it and share your artwork with us.

For that, we'll open a new folder:

Hyrule Warriors

For the new Link and his cute scraf.
Feel free to submit your art of the new one here.

Have a nice day or night.


- submissions and memberships have expired but i will resend/reinvite again.

the club rules changed. please read below.

*the join button will be automatically accepted. (no more tribes)

*submissions/affiliates/favorites will be subject to vote

*2 deviations limit per folder, per day
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Keep in mind putting artwork in Featured folder will be strict and for your own RISK!"
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