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Since May is at its end, a feature 

Now, on to the next feature: My favourite pieces of May:heart:
Firstly, I will feature those that are so sadly underfaved, that are so beautiful and deserve so much more love!  Not even fifty faves for these gems?  I think they deserve so much more than that.
:thumb300300817::thumb305510574::thumb305467511: Freddy: Afternoon Stroll by level-13 Caro 05 by Meikemuis I love these boys .2 by Y-n-Y Mellow Yellow Green by lajvio Home made by nathalye Magic Mirror by brittmiscast Kisetsu by J-Rhapsodies Kiss by YisakiFotos Teaser by Kaa-Annaku Sirius-b-4 by yeshetsomo Moody Spring by Egura:thumb303677168: ~Tea Time~ by Sanaki-chan Lovers-Sol2 by Ringdoll Bad Blood by YukiOokami Spring by Princ3ssEmri Lovers-Sol5 by Ringdoll Caro 04 by Meikemuis New RingGrown Raymond3 by Ringdoll Magenta by CookieMumBJD ------ by danna2769 Lio by daasper:thumb303387255: Oscar and Thyme: The Keeper by level-13 UU-2-2.jpg by meetbu Before you know it by chazzi Bestfriends by Reizie:thumb304104991: Alien boy by Semitsvetik

Go give them some extra love!  :love:  And here are some more of my favourites this month, all of which are so very very lovely ♥.  If you haven't already, take a look at these beauties and give them lots of love :heart:


And now to spotlight new dolly deviants who have joined in April and May!  Whether this is their first time joining the site or they are restarting from another account, here is a small feature dedicated to them! :heart:
Lady-Of-Ashes :thumb294692923::thumb298018627::thumb294893435:
Hydranemone :thumb301952045::thumb303492982::thumb302678345:
ShadowDancer80 :thumb304699323::thumb301919551: 07 by ShadowDancer80
forestdeer :thumb304690641: Border Collie by forestdeer Pug (Process) by forestdeer
!!New deviants are hard to find!  If you spot a new dolly deviant, don't hesitate to drop me a line :)

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PoisonedDaggerBJDs's avatar
Thank you so much~! Means quite a lot, considering I'm so new to the doll community. Haha <3
In-Dreams-We-Lie's avatar
My pleasure :love: Goodness knows it can be hard to gain exposure on a new dA account too ^^;
Haha it's a fun hobby to be in C:
brittmiscast's avatar
Thanks so much for the feature!! GREAT picks in this journal... ; )
In-Dreams-We-Lie's avatar
My pleasure C: Glad you liked
Meikemuis's avatar
Thanks so much for the double feature!!
In-Dreams-We-Lie's avatar
You're most welcome C:
WhitewolfosBJD's avatar
You have some wonderful pieces featured! My goodness, it makes me want to thank you all the more for featuring me too ^^;
In-Dreams-We-Lie's avatar
Haha you're most welcome C:
Shinorii's avatar
Everyone's pictures is so beautiful, and there I come with my non-professional pics. xD
But thank you so very much for the feature! :heart:
In-Dreams-We-Lie's avatar
Aww your pictures are cute C: Most of these people have been in the hobby for years! Your photos are much better than mine when I started out haha.

My pleasure :huggle:
Shinorii's avatar
Actually, I've been into the hobby in about 1 year, it's just my account that's new. Cx But thank you anyway, haha~ :heart:
In-Dreams-We-Lie's avatar
Ohh I see XD Well my foot just met my mouth lol
:huggle: yw
Zimbl's avatar
I don't care what you're doing right now, just... feature! This! Person! ~8032 because of [link] and [link] and [link] :faint:
In-Dreams-We-Lie's avatar
I'll feature them, but adding to this feature after the initial post would be pointless because they'd end up not being seen. I'll add a feature for them in my next journal C:
Zimbl's avatar
Of course. Yay~ *_*
Hydranemone's avatar
Oh...Wow ! Ô_o
I didn't expected it ! I am effectively new, and I don't know still very well all the functioning of Deviant...
Thank you very much for the feature, that very pleases me ! ^w^
In-Dreams-We-Lie's avatar
You're welcome :huggle:
If you need any help with any thing, let me know and I will do my best to help you out C:
Lilume's avatar
thank you =*
In-Dreams-We-Lie's avatar
YisakiFotos's avatar
*___________________* Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii thank you so much for the feature!! :)
KyaaraBJD's avatar
Thank you so much for featuring me :glomp:
Wow so many pretty photos.
lajvio's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature! :huggle: I'm so glad you liked my picture ^.^
And wow there is a lot of pretty pictures in here :D
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