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Jacky O sunglasses
And she's reaching up towards heaven
With lacquered purple nails
With a
Candy cane in her mouth
And a cigarette
About to be lit
Wanting to know what its like to walk through life
Without a glitz and glamour
Blind fold
And too much purple eyeliner
Under her eyes
Too much blue glitter on her eyelids
Making her heavy with sleep
Biting the back of her hand
'Cause she
Doesn't want anybody to see her cry
Collecting dead butterflies
And shredding their wings
With her numbed & cold
With the temporary star tattoos
She can't help but wish upon something
She likes to think
Agnosticism saved her life
But then again
You don't really believe in nothing
Do ya'?  
Craving something more like
Comfort in blind faith
Or a pretty
Pretty painkiller of boy
To call
All her own
And the glass of orange juice is just about half empty
But she wishes it could be half full…
Pessimism never helped nobody
Curled up on her bed
Reading Langston Hughes
Singing the KKK took my baby away
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Narcisuss by ImYourTinkerBelle Narcisuss :iconimyourtinkerbelle:ImYourTinkerBelle 9 2
Candy Canes
You remember
Candy canes
On tree branches
And cotton candy
By the lake
Wishing you could be
Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Wanting your own girl
With kaleidoscope eyes
And pretty
Sugar coated lips
To suck on
With soft hands
To hold
And hold you in return
Sometimes you remember
That other place
With needles
And glass
All over
Beer stained carpets
That always got dust
All over everything
But that doesn't matter anymore
And you want to
'Cause you wonder
If he would come running
To hold you while you cry
And whisper
All the things you want to here
Helping you find the place
Where peace of mind
And perfectly comfortable silences
Are waiting for you
Just craving
And needing
His arms
To escape into
But until then
You crawl into your
Faerie tales
And your
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
'Cause that's where you want to go
When you die
And your so
Fucking proud
'Cause your eating again
And you've no use
For the razor
That's wait
:iconimyourtinkerbelle:ImYourTinkerBelle 0 0
Hollow Girl
I am
And memories of
Cigarette smoke
And touch
Warming my numbed fingertips
And loving the way
For you
Empty and pure
Loving the way
I can see my ribs
And my hip bones
They're gonna tare the skin away
The Hollow Men
'Cause its so damn soothing
I am buried in music
I am the hollow girl
Heart filled with straw
Leaning on you
Wishing for
A heart
Filled with blood
Pumping something red like love
Through the veins that grace my wrists
And I whisper fairytales
And sing
To scare the giants away
Making them fade
Like me
Until we are nothing
Insignificant like wind blowing
Through a burnt grass field
I want to bury my head in your chest
Would you share your heart with me?
I love the way it beats
Making you sound
Just like me
Filled with straw
And aching for something more
Than this
More than this
Maybe if we concentrate hard enough
We can meet somewhere
In each others dreams
And run
:iconimyourtinkerbelle:ImYourTinkerBelle 0 1
Necrophic Romance
It was a necrophobic
Dreading an unsanitary
With spider webs in her hair
And dirt in her eyes
She knew it would
'Cause she was always
And too
Of nothing
And everything
As little girls often are
With cherry roses blooming
On her skin
Because she wants to know
What she looks like inside
She hasn't eaten in two days
But she feels
All the same
She's drawn Dali faerie wings
On her back
With highlighter
And some day she'll fly away
Just like she promised
Lighting up the sky
With her neon love
That will eventually burn out
But making her feel perfect
While it lasts
She can feel her heart beating
And she doesn't know why
'Cause they keep asking questions
She really doesn't want to answer
And then there's that empty feeling
Next to her heart
She's short of breathe
And all she wants to do
Is see him again
Because she loves him
More than he can ever know
And that scares her more than
~fin~ *TINK*
:iconimyourtinkerbelle:ImYourTinkerBelle 0 2
I am left in a tower with shadows on my walls. I don't blow out the candle for fear that they will consume me, like beasts afraid of the light. This is a myth, only it's a faerie tale, but not really, because it's just a dream. It smells damp in here, and the walls are old with mold and cracks that look like paths that lead somewhere. I wonder where. I spend my days building these wings, from my candles wax tears and the feathers that flutter by every now and then through my window. I could go months with out a single feather.
It's cold here. Cold like emptiness, when you can't sleep and can only dream. Your eyes won't close even though your eye lids feel heavy, with sand maybe, or with pain. The heavy weight of the tears you cannot find, no matter how many scars are left behind. No matter how bruised your eyes look, or how concave you may appear. Your rib cage echoing with your heart beat, your hips pressing hard against your skin, trying to fight free of the flesh. I make my w
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Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: kendal, miami, florida
Favourite genre of music: Everything except country
Favourite photographer: ... don't know any famous ones...
Favourite style of art: i dunno
Operating System: windows... is that an operating system???
MP3 player of choice: don't have one... i guess IPOD if i had one
Shell of choice: anyone where i can here the ocean
Wallpaper of choice: something odd, but beautiful
Skin of choice: every skin color is soo beautiful... how shal i choose?
Favourite cartoon character: Jessica Rabbit, Batman, Inuyasha
Personal Quote: "Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if youll die today." ~james dean
I've dreamt of giants every night now… grotesque gruesome creatures with fat fingers, and rotting away yellow teeth. Evil eyes and they want to break me. They jam themselves inside me and make my thighs bleed with bruises and gnaw at my breasts. They tear at my flesh with their teeth. I wake up shivering, sweating, and crying. Making sure I'm not bleeding, wrapping my arms around myself, trying to hold myself together. i want ross to come and save me from them... i know they're just a dream... but i feel so violated... i feel so out of controll... like they can find a way out side of my mind... take everything away from me... rape me rape me... and it hurts so bad... i dont want to sleep... im scared of becoming like them... bulging with fat, and their veins are so thick in there legs and arms... i dont want to eat... i want to feel empty... so that they can't find anything inside of me to want... and maybe they'll leave me alone... they are the sleep demons.... plagueing me with insomnia and fear... and they are so ugly... and they kiss me with fat bruised bleeding lips... and i want to scream... but what if they here me? what if they find me... and then it all becomes real... real... i dont think i woudl be able to handle that... i need my pretty painkiller to hold me in his arms and just tell me everything will be allright... god i love him so much... it scares me sometimes... what if hes one of the giants? no he couldnt... he could never be like them...


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HI Paola!
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Yay Beatlelove!

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woah... LOOK DANIEL IM A DEVIANT... anywho... lemme introduce myself... my name is Paola... but you may call me Tink... or Polly... AND NO I DO NOT WANT A FUCKING CRACKER!!!!! i am 14 years old... IN LOVE... YAY... i am a poet in search of religion and peace of mind... i am an insomniac who suffers from frightfull nightmares... i live in miami and hate it... i love The Doors, The Beatles, and Alanis Morrisette along with sooo many others... um... thats about it i guess....

much love,
Tink <3 :fusionrock:
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