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hellspawn shinji! Brother vs Sister. by imyouknowwho hellspawn shinji! Brother vs Sister. by imyouknowwho

After removing one of Kaji's balls he went off to go see Asuka and put the fear of hell in her as pay back when Rei saw him. 

Rei then said. " Pilot Ikari I know not how you gained this new body, but your soul is the same, I can not allow you to live it brakes the laws of the world! 

Rei then transformed into a blue skinned human sized angel with a core in her chest shaped like a cross and attacked Shinji

shinji then spoke as he blocked her strikes, her power below his  he could end her at will but he chose not to. " Rei you where made from my mother's DNA and giving life by my father's hands! We are siblings don't you see!  Same mother same Father! I could kill you at any moment but I don't wish to slay my little sister!" 

Rei then spoke, "you are demon I angel, we are not siblings Pilot Ikari! 

Shinji then sighed " then die! * he then morphed his cape  into drills and struck her in the core making her explode." 

At that point Asuka walked by and looked on in horror. 

Shinji then turned and said. " I am the spawn of hell Asuka, the devil wants your soul! you have 666 days before i rip your soul from your body and send you to hell!"  he then vanished as Asuka shit her pants!
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October 4, 2015
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