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Yuuko and Quinx Akihisa! by imyouknowwho Yuuko and Quinx Akihisa! by imyouknowwho
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After his beating and losing his hair color Akihisa was in a pissed off mood all the way back to the hybrid horde (formerly Quinx squad) Hide out in a ward so lawless Doves would dare not step food in it.

he climbed his way into the building using his Kagune to make up for how horrible his arms and legs (which were newly regrown) felt.

once in side he went ot clean up then when he walked out he was spot by Yuuko.

now akihsia loves Yuuko that won't change but she is always worried about him vs doves. (scared of his death or rebrain washing.)

she went to touch his face as she said, "Akihisa what happened?"

Akihsia removed her hand form his face and said, "the doves made more Quinx they won't hear reason and tried to beat the location of this place out of me, I was so injured my regeneration abilities stained my nails black and removed my hair color like what happened to Kaneki, but sense's hair color is coming back so I think i'll go back to normal. Now Yuuko I love you and I know you are just worried about me but I'm not in the mood for a I need to me more careful speak. I just had my kidney ripped out and showed to me ten times!" *his anger making his kakugan activate*

Yuuko then began to shake a little as she said, "Akihisa your grip on my arm is a little tight, please clam down your scaring me!"

Akihsia let go and looked away, " Well May be I'm scared? May be i'm horrified at myself? May be I'm sickened at how instead of trying to help other Quinx I with my guts hanging out gave in to ghoul instinct and eat those attack me! * Yuuko gasped* that's right I've become more ghoul then man!*akihsia began to cry out of his human eye*  So Yuuko may be I'm scared too."

Akihisa then walked away and Yuuko ran after him. 
jctdragonwarrior Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2016
Yuuko is a little afraid of him
imyouknowwho Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2016
no she's afraid for him, after all if someone you cared about was losing more and more of there humanity and you were forced to only be able to watched it happen from the sidelines won't you be scared?
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